D’IYANU Summer Collection


Adding culture to your wardrobe just got easier with D’IYANU, the stylish, African-inspired clothing brand that offers quality pieces at affordable prices that you and your crew can wear year-round. Known for its daring prints and vibrant aesthetic, D’IYANU offers a variety of pieces such as kente printed ensembles and whimsical ankara silhouettes for men, women and children who want to celebrate African culture in style.

Founded by Nigerian born designer Adesola Elabor, the name D’IYANU means “of or from something beautiful” which is quite fitting for the aesthetic of the pieces Elabor designs and how she wants people to feel while wearing her clothes. “I want people to feel beautiful, empowered, and that they’re a part of the larger purpose of uplifting our communities,” says Elabor who donates a portion of sales to support communities in need.

For Elabor, who quit her job to pursue her dream full time, D’IYANU is more than just a stylish clothing brand. In fact, Elabor explained to us that D’IYANU exists to empower people to make a difference in their communities. “Since college, I’ve held a deep desire to provide opportunities to people in underdeveloped communities in Nigeria and here in the US,” said Elabor. “When I launched D’IYANU I purposely centered it around community engagement. From all those years ago to now, we’ve donated over $35,000 to causes that support our community. Our team and customers continue to amaze me in this way and I truly believe that D’IYANU continues to grow as we give to others daily. We exist to empower people to make a difference and clothing is our vehicle for change.”

Since its launch in 2013, D’IYANU has increased in popularity alongside the growing interest in African print clothing from Millennials and GenXers nationwide. And then there was the frenzy surrounding the release of Black Panther in 2018 as excited movie goers showed up to watch the film wearing African prints from head to toe. Since then, business for D’IYANU has been going strong as Elabor told the Philadelphia Inquirer that “sales doubled that year and have remained steady ever since.”

While Elabor’s journey as an entrepreneur has only just begun, she’s learned a great deal about owning a business as a Black woman and hopes to share her experiences with others. “My tailored advice to Black women entrepreneurs is to focus on your vision and believe that it’s possible to make it a reality,” Elabor told HelloBeautiful. “Do not pay attention to the list of obstacles against Black women, but focus instead on reading stories of other successful Black women entrepreneurs and believing that you too have what it takes to succeed.”

For more on D’IYANU, visit their website and check out their pre-fall collection, here.


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