Hill Org McDonald’s and The Dirt Label collaborative Black History

Source: Radio One Columbus / Radio One Columbus

As Black History Month comes to a close, Andre Hill is gearing up to showcase a special collaboration with The Dirt Label. Known for their previous collaborations, Hill and The Dirt Label have once again joined forces to create a unique shirt design, celebrating the theme “History in the Making, Seeds that Grow.”

Hill, along with his mother Gale, collectively own five McDonald’s locations in greater Columbus.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind this year’s design, Hill expressed the importance of recognizing the resilience, strength, and cultural richness that have flourished throughout history. The collaboration aims to honor and celebrate Black history while highlighting the enduring impact of seeds planted by generations past.

Earlier this year, Hill’s McDonald’s locations achieved top ranking amongst owner operators with five to nine restaurants in the McDonald’s Columbus Field Office. This recognition underscores their commitment to excellence within the McDonald’s community, serving as a testament to their dedication and hard work.

To commemorate Black History Month and showcase their collaborative design, McDonald’s presents a special event: the BLACK HISTORY Celebration on Thursday, February 29th, from 4-6 pm at McDonald’s Whitehall, OH location (4640 E. Main St, Whitehall). The event promises an enriching experience honoring Black history and culture, complete with complimentary giveaways. It’s an opportunity for the community to come together, celebrate diversity, and pay tribute to the contributions of Black individuals throughout history.

Join in the celebration, connect with your neighbors, and be a part of this uplifting event that celebrates the diversity and resilience of our community.

Hill Org McDonald’s and The Dirt Label collaborative Black History

Source: Radio One Columbus / radio one columbus

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