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Rihanna gets cowboy chic on the cover of Vogue China’s April issue. As the Bajan billionaire prepares to expand her Fenty Beauty empire to China, she spills the tea on her newfound confidence, her impact in the beauty industry, and the power of living in your truth without prioritizing the expectations of others.

The publication showed off their various Rihanna covers with snippets of the interview in the copy. Here are the highlights.

Rihanna on her newfound confidence:

“I feel like anything is possible,” she says. “Every challenge is there as a lesson. Every challenge is there to get you to the next part of your journey… Just treat life like an adventure, because when you really get into it, there’s never going to be a dull moment.”


Rihanna on motherhood

Rihanna dives into her motherhood experience and the importance of empowering her children to be whom ever they want to be.

“The most beautiful thing… is that [children] come into the world with their own individuality and sincerity, without any logic or conformity, which usually makes you feel that you must fit into a certain group,” she tells VOGUE China Editor-in-Chief, Margaret Zhang (@margaretzhang). “It’s really beautiful to see and I want to continue to help them navigate that and make sure that they know they can be whoever they want to be… they should embrace it completely, because it’s beautiful, and it’s unique. I love them just that way.”

Rihanna on the beauty and history of braiding

In a collaborative video posted to Vogue Plus and Vogue China, Rihanna shows off a head full a braids, as she moves gracefully in an all-white ensemble. In the post, she discusses the power of hair braiding.

“This is a form of protection of our roots, and a tradition left by our ancestors… [it] makes us realise where we’ve come from,” she says. “This is our lost history. I immediately wanted my children to have their hair braided… it’s something in our blood.”

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