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Telfar Large Red Shopping Bag

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If you ask any Telfar fan, there is absolutely nothing worse than resellers. Telfar’s latest restock came and gone as many fans were unable to snag their favorite shopping bags from the brand.
Early Tuesday afternoon, the black-owned brand restocked the small black shopping bag, the medium tan shopping and the large black shopping bag. If you’ve signed up for the brand’s email list, you likely received word Monday afternoon. Still, if you were ready with your phone in hand and billing information stored in your phone, you likely failed to secure the bag you’ve had your eye on. And there’s no other reason then resellers taking advantage of the release.

Like sneaker culture, resellers frequently use checkout bots to secure all of the inventory. While the last few restocks from the brand prompted a temporarily shut down after bots purchased majority of the inventory, the brand is still struggling to control resellers.
While some fans on Twitter has continued to pledge their allegiance to the brand, some have decided to give up after constantly dealing with resellers.

As a fan on a mission to secure my third Telfar bag, I share their frustrations. Of course, when it comes to snagging a stylish item that’s in demand, you can’t expect to secure your essentials without a little effort. However, it’s safe to say that a new system needs to be put in place for fans who want to actually support the brand to be able to walk away with a purchase.

While the brand has only decided to send emails announcing the exact time and style in advance, many fans are still struggling to make it through checkout. Many fans have suggested possibly locking the site until it’s time for a restock to go live or the brand simply conducting a two-step verification system.

With that being said, that doesn’t mean that you should turn your back against the brand. If brands and retailers that have been around for deacades like Nike, Foot Locker and Footaction haven’t found a remedy to the reseller problem, you can’t expect Telfar to find a solution so soon.

In fact, fans have been going back and forth about giving Telfar time to get the situation under control. It’s true that many fast fashion brands can take a long time to ship product, so why not give Telfar some leeway as they navigate this issue.

Aside from the checkout struggle, the brand has promised to take steps to take back control of their site. While there’s no word on what those exact plans are, fans have no choice but to try their luck with the next release or simply wait until other retailers get stock of these coveted bags.

What say you? What do you think Telfar should do about their reseller problem? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.


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