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Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA—which should have been named something more fitting like “The Young, White and Aggrieved Suppupport Group for Incels and Kyle Rittenhouse Fanboys—is predictably rushing to the defense of James “JP” Staples, the student at the University of Mississippi aka Ole Miss who got himself booted out of the school’s Phi Delta Theta fraternity after video footage went viral that showed him making monkey noises at a Black woman who was participating in a pro-Palestine protest on campus. 

In fact, Kirk is so desperate to come up with a plausible defense for Staples, who is still being dragged across social media for his classic American display of anti-Black bigotry, that he has resorted to denying what he sees with his own eyes.

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“There’s this ultra-viral clip of a morbidly obese anti-Israel protester facing a group of frat bros who are counter-protesting, and they were mocking her, mostly because she makes Lizzo look skinny,” Kirk said during a recent episode of his podcast, which was shared by Raw Story. “One of those protesters in a short clip is seen allegedly making King Kong-type noises at the woman.”

First of all, let’s note that there was no reason whatsoever for Kirk to bring up this woman’s appearance, outside of mentioning she’s Black, or to bring another plus-sized Black woman’s name into it, especially when Kirk is a Trump supporter whose MAGA messiah isn’t exactly taking the pressure off of the wheels on his golfcart his damn self. But Kirk decided to be needlessly fatphobic while suggesting the fellow mediocre white man he’s defending from allegations of racism is also fatphobic. It’s as if he tossed a coin in the air to decide which bigotry is the least of two bigotries.

“So I’m not even convinced that guy at the end is actually doing what they say he’s doing,” he continued. “Well, this young man has now been kicked out of his fraternity, because national frats are super weak. This is insane and ridiculous.”

Sir, is it as “insane” and “ridiculous” as the fact that you’re “not even convinced” that you saw what you definitely saw?

Maybe you need a closer look.

How about some side-by-side visuals for context?

Nah, Kirk is the epitome of Caucasian delusion brought on by prolonged exposure to extreme white fragility.

From Raw Story:

According to Kirk, “The worst possible interpretation” of the video was that Staples was “being a smart aleck, rude college frat bro.”

“This is a young white man who might have done something foolish for two seconds,” he continued. “Might have been under the influence of alcohol.”

“But to the left… he’s a young white man, so it’s worth destroying his life.”

Kirk then praised the fraternity members who “went to the streets and challenged these maniacs.”

“It’s about time the masculine energy in this country is ascendant,” he proclaimed. “I’m not defending what this kid allegedly did. I am defending young men holding up old glory, getting out there in the streets, and saying, we’re not going to take this anymore.”

“And they’re trying to destroy the rise of the frat boys,” he added. “They’re trying to destroy the rise of the masculine energy.”

First of all, getting kicked out of a fraternity hardly constitutes the destruction of one’s life, and even if it did, “the left” didn’t even have the opportunity to call on Ole Miss’ Phi Delta Theta fraternity to expel Staples before the frat made that decision on its own immediately after the video went viral. This brings me to my next question: Which one is it, Kirk—are national frats “super weak,” or are they being destroyed by the ubiquitous “left” in its quest to “destroy the rise of the masculine energy?” 

Or maybe Kirk, who dedicates nearly his entire existence in media to being persistently anti-Black, is simply a pitiful and mediocre white man who is wallowing in so much white nationalist insecurity that he’s a perpetual hit dog hollering whenever he sees himself in another white racist who is being held accountable.


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