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This Mother’s Day, after Sunday church service comes to an end, and the boozy brunch and tearful gifts and cards exchange session with the family wraps up, curl up with your mama or favorite mother figure for an all-new episode of ‘Talk To Your Mom’ podcast, launching May 12.

The highly-anticipated premiere of ‘Talk To Your Mom’ season 3 is four years in the making. After the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, creator Keyaira Kelly had to pause production on the podcast to focus on the health and well-being of herself and her family.

“As a Black woman who has a survival instinct to constantly create, it was actually hard to admit I needed a break,” Kelly told HelloBeautiful. “But I knew if I didn’t, I would start to resent the work I love, and none of us deserve that,” she said. But with years of healing behind her and fresh experiences under her belt, Keyaira is ready to present a new ten-episode season to her loyal fans and listeners. “It feels so good to be back. This season is going to be even bigger and better. More talk-backs with some of our favorite mama celebrities, and more emphasis on faith,” Kelly said.

‘Talk To Your Mom’ Podcast

Talk To Your Mom

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Keyaira’s co-host, Tarawoner Kelly, is also her mother, and the founder of TYL Foundation, a life-coaching and ministry service that Tarawoner runs in her native, Cincinnati, OH. With Tarawoner’s 25 years of experience mentoring women and girls, and Keyaira’s decade-plus working in journalism and having conversations with both your everyday woman and A-List celebrities, the duo brings a depth and breadth of experience to the podcast game that is not easily replicated.

“I am so blessed to have access to the wisdom that is my mother, Tarawoner Kelly,” Keyaira said, “And it’s a divine honor to share her with our listeners.”

For episode one, Keyaira and Tarawoner talk about the power of one woman’s story to change the world. The pair reference some of their favorite authors, like Audre Lorde, and iconic biblical figures of faith, like Hagar and Ruth. In a time where so many women feel insignificant and lost in their purpose, Keyaira and Tarawoner want to empower women to see themselves as divine portals for inner and outer change and transformation.

“I truly believe, by having conversations with the women in our lives, we can pull strength from one another,” Keyaira said. “And with all that’s going on in the world, women united in conversation for the sole purpose of healing and revealing feels like a mini-revolution all its own,” Keyaira said.

Cheers to that. You can check out seasons 1 & 2 of ‘Talk To Your Mom’ on Apple and Spotify.

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