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Jayda Cheaves has been a leading lady in the influencer game for a minute. Her fly looks and sexy style make the girlies talk and swoon.

Jayda has turned her fateful 8.9 million social media followers into brand loyalists and customers of her label, Waydamin. And the 26-year-old has no problem causing a commotion.

More recently, however, the social media star has caused a different type of stir. In the past 24 hours, Jayda’s been in the middle of a messy fashion situation.

So, let’s talk about it.

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Black woman-owned indie brand Eau Noir Swim accuses Jayda Cheaves of copying its design.

This week, the social media entrepreneur is being accused of selling a copy of swimwear from Eau Nor Swim. Further, some allege Jayda got the idea for the new bikini design after wearing and posting a paid promotion for the Eau Nor Swim version in 2020.

Her bikini is a two-piece orange string with a flower bra and string details.

The Eau Nor Swim version is visibly different, with a larger flower bra design and additional flower details on the bottoms. See the indie version below.

On May 14, the Black-owned brand and its supporters called out Jayda in posts that have since gone viral. “It’s a shame that my friend worked so hard for business for years just for JAYDA WAYDA TO STEAL HER WHOLE SH*T after she was PAID to wear & post my friend’s bikini!!! WEIRDO FLEX,” wrote @Chelseaaaah_ on Twitter/X. 

@Chelseaaah_ replied to her original post with screenshots and additional messages, leading to nearly 4 million views and over 7,000 reshares.

The “Swimwear For The Bold” indie label has also posted a statement on social media. “Despite having numerous influencers and celebrities endorsing our flower bomb bathing suit, it is disheartening to address the situation where hardworking women are taken advantage of by influencers who mimic our original work,” Eau Nor Swim said in a 205-word caption on Instagram. The caption continues with details on the label’s history, its alleged financial exchange with Jayda, and more.

Jayda Wayda responds to accusations, takes accountability, and reportedly apologizes to the brand.

The famous boss babe quickly responded to the accusations and social posts. In temporary stories, Jayda wrote that the Eua Nor Swim brand was “on her mood board” as inspiration and explained she didn’t see her label’s swimwear version as “shade.”

Going even further, she reportedly apologized to the brand and said that she would stop selling her swimsuit. The Shade Room reports that she showed a direct message exchange with Eau Noir Swim, saying she wants to do “good business.”

Social media is buzzing amid the flurry of responses, comments, shares, and reactions. Fans are on both sides of the debate.

Some have jumped in Jayda’s comments, accusing her of stealing the design and adding to the chorus of naysayers. Others have defended her, stating that recreated clothing is how the fashion industry works. Fans also point out that Jayda’s influence has heightened interest and attention on the smaller brand. (Eau Nour Swim hadn’t posted since 2021 before this week.)

No matter what side of this debate one may be on, the mere fact that it is a current conversation among Black women creators hits different. As Black women, we already have to navigate a beauty and fashion industry that often overlooks or exploits us. In the era of Temu, Shein and other overseas factories, the sting of design stealing is all too real.

Further, we all know the struggle of building a business, finding investors, stepping out on faith, and working toward our dreams. Successful ventures take time, dedication, and a whole lot of hustle.

So, what say you, HB? Are Jayda’s explanation, apology, and actions enough?


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