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When rising rap star Jennaske’s hopeful manager (‘Wait A Minute’ rapper) Phresher suggested she get plastic surgery to enhance her look and take her career to the next level, the former dancer-turned-artist- refused to go under the knife. She’s opening up about her decision to stay natural and lead with her undeniable talent.

Plastic surgery has become so prevalent among my generation, it’s become the standard of beauty. It has distorted society’s perception of the “perfect women.” But that is a facade. The hourglass figure with perky breasts, European features and fillers have gone from bomb to botched.

The curvy body has always been praised among the Black community, but we know not every woman has that shape, and we don’t need to.

Representation matters and we now have natural queens like Megan Thee Stallion, Lizzo, Adele, Rico Nasty, and more who promote body positivity. They are women who didn’t get their bodies done, but are still desirable. They found success by captivating their fans with vibrant personalities, entrepreneurialism, positive energy that is infectious and humble confidence.

Not only do I want the name Jennaske mentioned among that conversation, I want to be a role model for women and young girls to not only embrace their imperfections but to love them. Every day, I think about “What If I had a child?” “What would I want to know, love, live by, and grow up as?”

I will never judge if a woman who decides to get plastic surgery if that is the best route towards her body appreciation. However, it’s not in my character, nor would I want teach my child that is the only route you have to go to be attractive. My way to show and uplift my fellow woman is to embrace my beauty organically. Call me, “Ske the natural Bae,” cause I don’t need surgery to be that “IT Girl!”


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