SheaMoisture Bond Repair twist out

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Natural hair maintenance is one of those commitments that often have you wondering, “Is it worth it?” Because I’m constantly attending an event or doing onscreen work, protective styles help me stay ready for the unexpectedness life brings me. On the days I’d let my hair breathe from braids and weaves, I’d throw it in a top knot and keep it moving. I used to love wearing my natural curls, but my twist-outs lost shape since growing out my tresses. So when I received an invitation from SheaMoisture to experience a complimentary style session courtesy of the Ursula Stephens Salon, I jumped at the opportunity. I knew this was my chance to get expert hair management advice.

Ursula Stephens is responsible for many of our favorite celebrity’s most buzz-worthy hairstyles. From Zendaya’s Met Gala floral hair to Kelly Rowland’s sleek, blunt bob during her “Mea Culpa” press run, I was certain my mane was safe and secure in her salon.

SheaMoisture Bond Repair Collection

Source: SheaMoisture / SheaMoisture

SheaMoisture’s Bond Repair Collection promotes stronger, healthier hair

We used SheaMoisture’s Bond Repair collection for our style session. My stylist washed my hair with the Bond Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, applied the masque, and then put me under the dryer for a few minutes. After my final rinse, I sat in the chair, where the stylist blow-dried my hair to prepare for a trim and twist out.

The style session helped me better understand my hair. I didn’t realize the amount of tension I created on my scalp with every top knot. I had a growing bald spot that the stylist addressed with SheaMoisture’s Minoxidil Topical Solution Hair Regrowth Treatment. She gently rubbed drops on my edges and bald spot and instructed me to do the same twice a day for a few months.

I left the salon with a fresh trim and twist out. With a new shape to my hair, I was certain I could confidently rock my natural curls after years of braids, weaves, buns, and ponytails.

I was right.

SheaMoisture Bond Repair twist out

Source: Marsha B. / Marsha B.

SheaMoisture Bond Repair twist out

Source: Marsha B. / Marsha B.

My tresses were hydrated, and the curls had definition. The trim worked wonders for my hair, adding bounce to my twist-outs. Overall, the style session gave me insight into how I was mismanaging my hair, and the products presented a solution. I’ve been applying the Minoxidil Topical Solution Hair Regrowth Treatment to my bald spot, and I decided to refrain from top-knot buns for a while.

This season, I’m working on embracing my natural curls. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still see me in a few protective hairdos this summer, but the focus is on low-tension styles that don’t hinder my scalp.

See the full Ursula Stephens X SheaMoisture salon experience below!


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