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Whew Chile! Virtual learning has not been an easy process for anyone, the parents, the teachers, I am sure. I will have to say I can only speak from my viewpoint as a mother.

My son would rather socialize with his friends and get his work done then to have me in his ear about paying attention to a computer screen. Yes I children deserve to be engaged in a classroom with friends and an actual teacher but right now we have to be in this together to help them still be educated although its virtually.

So I researched a few tips that may come in handy for us as parents, and threw in a few of my own!


Get Organized, its not always on the teacher to be the Only one organized.

Keep a Positive Outlook, even in the midst of my frustration, I speak positive words to my son, an to myself throughout our work and learning day.

Plan Ahead, before you know whats going to happen, you should already know whats going to happen, there is nothing like being prepared.

Reach Out to your Childs Teacher, We are in this together, so we have to be a team and work together

Brain Breaks for Online Learning, Our attention span can only handle so much at time, so to keep our brains from short circuiting, take a break.

There you go moms and dads, I hope this helps you guys out!

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