Marsha B.

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There is an art to creating the perfect eyebrow. Unfortunately, I never cared enough to learn. About 8 years ago, I received an eye infection from a bad wax job on my eyebrows. Talk about betrayal. From that point forward, I decided brow grooming was not for me, and the world was going to have to deal with it.

I’m no makeup guru so all of these fancy ways to sculpt an eyebrow was lost on me. As long as I had some shape to mine, I was happy. As I started to get my makeup done, I noticed the subtle hints makeup artists would throw my way regarding my brows. “When’s the last time you got your eyebrows done?” or “Here, let me pull out my tweezer and clean these up for you,” were things they’d say to me. I even had one person tell me she wouldn’t do my makeup until I handled my brow situation.

I let a lot of time pass before I entertained the thought of grooming my brows again. When done correctly, they can really accentuate your face. Instead of waxing, I opted for threading. It was quick, effective, and perfect for someone like me who was concerned with sanitary practices. I did that for a while before I tried micro-blading. In theory this would be great for a person who wanted a low-maintenance approach to eyebrow grooming. The semi-permanent tattoo was applied to my brows over 3 sessions. After each session my brows would look phenomenal. As the days would pass, the tattoo would start to shed and I’d eventually have to go back get them darkened. Although this was the standard procedure, my oily skin rejected the tattoo ink leaving my brows unchanged and unbothered.

I decided to stick to my faithful routine of and eyebrow pencil and a quick clean-up with concealer. The pencil method was cool, but it rarely gave me the glamorous look that I wanted. I needed a tint that would really take my elevating brow game over the top. I decided to give Morphe’s Brow Crush Tinted Brow Gel ($7.00, a try.

Marsha B. for Morphe

Source: Marsha B. / Marsha B.

Before heading out to a function, I had my good friend do my hair and makeup. She used a pencil to shape my brows, and then filled it in with the tint in the soft black color. What I loved most about this product is that its designed for makeup minimalist like myself. With a pencil, eyebrow tint, and some concealer, I feel confident enough to pull off this simple, clean look. The tint is also easy to maneuver. The wand is small enough to fill your brows and build to it’s desired shape.

Marsha B.

Source: Ambitious Shooters / Ambitious Shooters

As I dive into makeup a bit more, I’m happy to discover these gems that make my life easier. Who would’ve thought a little brow tint would liven up my eyebrows the way this did?



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