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David Dinkins' death prompted recollections of when Rudy Giuliani lost the NYC mayoral race to him, quickly conceded defeat and urged "democracy," a far cry from his role in 2020.

Just days ahead of the election, California Rep. Maxine Waters had some choice words for Black voters intending to cast ballots for Donald Trump.

After Lil Wayne's stunning endorsement of Trump, we may continue to see more rappers come out and support the president's re-election campaign. However, it seems pretty safe to assume that ASAP Rocky will not be one of them.

Older Black voters aren't just making a serious difference at the ballot box, but they're also doing so to historic proportions in key battleground states that are crucial to the election's outcome.

The president is ramping up his racist rhetoric to rally his hateful base of supporters as polling shows he's fighting an uphill battle that seemingly keeps steepening with less than a week before the election.

One of the main things missing from the overall electoral equation four years ago has seemingly fueled the 2020 early voting turnout: Black people.

Kristen Welker emerged as the real winner of the final presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump as the moderator managed to calmly keep control in a way that was missing from their first meeting.