Participation in music programs is linked to improved language development and reading skills, as well as higher levels of creativity and critical thinking. The post Cutting Music Programs Harms Black Students’ Academic and Social -Emotional Development appeared first on NewsOne.

Ava DuVernay announced that Linda Fairstein's lawsuit over the "When They See Us" series was settled and she got "no payment." The post Ava DuVernay Goes In On Ex-Prosecutor Linda Fairstein, Who Got ‘No Payment’ For ‘When They See Us’ Lawsuit appeared first on NewsOne.

Ginger ale holds a special place in the hearts of many, particularly within Black communities, but what lies behind this cultural affinity? The post Breaking Down The Stereotype: Why Do Black People Love Ginger Ale So Much? appeared first on NewsOne.

Black employees at a General Mills plant in Georgia have filed a federal lawsuit, claiming the plant is controlled by “white supremacists.” The post ‘Good Ole Boys’: Georgia General Mills Run By ‘White Supremacists,’ Lawsuit Claims appeared first on NewsOne.


AAPF will host their first Freedom Summer 2024 Homeroom which will discuss New Hampshire’s recent decision to strike HB-2. The post The African American Policy Forum To Host First Freedom Summer Homeroom appeared first on NewsOne.

Right-wing group Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against Evanston, Illinois, for offering a reparations program to Black residents. The post Right-Wing Hater Group Files Class-Action Lawsuit Against Chicago Suburb Over Reparations Program appeared first on NewsOne.

On June 3, D-Day Hero Cpl. Waverly Woodson, Jr. Posthumously Honored, who died in 2005 at 83, was posthumously honored with the Distinguished Service Cross for his heroism during D-Day. The post Nearly 30 Years After His Death, Cpl. Waverly Woodson, Jr., A Black Medic And D-Day Hero, Is Finally Honored appeared first on NewsOne.

Donald Trump falsely claimed "Biden's DOJ" authorized the F.B.I. to use "deadly force" during the Mar-a-Lago raid in 2022. The post Donald Trump Whines And Lies About ‘Biden’s DOJ’ Authorizing ‘DEADLY FORCE’ During Mar-a-Lago Raid appeared first on NewsOne.

The 320th Barrage Balloon Battalion played a crucial role in the D-Day invasion of Normandy, yet their story is often overlooked. The post Black History Of D-Day: The Untold Story Of The 320th Barrage Balloon Battalion appeared first on NewsOne.


Corey Harris, who went viral for driving on a suspended license, was re-jailed after it was revealed he never had a license to begin with. The post Free Corey Harris! Re-Jailing Of Driver In Viral Suspended License Video Spotlights Legal System appeared first on NewsOne.