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With New York Fashion Week happening in the blink of an eye, it’s important to have your Telfar bag packed with the essentials. NYFW can be loads of fun, but if you’re not prepared with a few items to carry you through those long days of front-row sitting, you’ll be sorry.

My very first fashion week was filled with amateur mistakes. For one, I had no snacks stashed in my bag. Leaving one show to hustle to the next can really work up an appetite. I also tried to be cute by wearing heels and not packing shoes that made it easy to commute from one side of the town to the next. Rookie mistake.

Over the years I’ve picked up a few pointers to make my 7-day fashion show marathon seamless. In case you want to prepare yourself for the somewhat unexpected, here are 5 must-have items to make your NYFW fun and easy.

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1. A Large Bag

A Large Bag Source:Marsha B.

You’ll need a sizable bag to include all of your necessities. It’ll come in handy when you get all of the promotional flyers, goodie bags, and sponsored products given to you at each show. 

A sizable bag is fun, but one that makes a statement is even better. A bomb NYFW outfit can’t survive with a clunky book bag or tote. Make sure you grab something that can carry your essentials but isn’t an eye sore. 

2. Face Masks

Face Masks Source:Amazon

By now you’re used to grabbing the latest accessory – a face mask or nose and mouth covering. CDC guidelines mandate staff, attendees, and talent to be fully vaccinated in order to attend shows. Despite that requirement, everyone is expected to wear masks indoors.

If you’re going to grab some protective gear for your face, you might as well get something that’ll keep your skin from breaking out. Finishing Touch’s Flawless Silk Face Mask is the perfect accessory for you NYFW shows. To be safe, pack 2 or 3 masks in your bag. Last thing you want to do is accidentally drop or misplace yours right before entering the next show.

3. SPF

SPF Source:Dermablend

We underestimate just how powerful the sun is in September. New York Fashion Week is known for have two distinct weather patterns. It’s either really hot, or really rainy (pack an umbrella).

This past year I learned the importance of protecting my skin with sunscreen. This time around, I’m using Dermablend’s Continuous Coverage CC Cream because it has amazing coverage and it’s packed with SPF.

4. Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable Shoes Source:Getty

Ok so hear me out, I know this is week is all about fashion but it’s also about comfort. Do yourself a favor and pack a pair of comfortable sandals, sneakers, or slides. This is where the spacious bag comes in handy. Travel in your flats and switch them up when it’s time to enter the show. 

You’ll thank me later.

5. Portable Charger

Portable Charger Source:Getty

Portable chargers are one of the best inventions of our generation. Nothing sucks more than running into Rihanna and A$AP Rocky on the way to a show with a dead phone in tow. For starters, keep your phone charged, but also pack a portable charger for those unexpected run-in’s with celebrities as well as fun selfies with your friends.