Black Excellence Brunch Honoring Tabitha Brown Hosted by Trell Thomas and Danielle Young

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Happy birthday to actress, social media personality, and all-around wonderful person, Tabitha Brown! The beautiful wife and mother celebrates 44 trips around the sun today which means 44 years of making people feel loved just from her calming presence.

The actress rose to fame during the pandemic when social media users fell for her warm personality and vegan recipes. Her motivational videos inspired many, and we all grew admirable of her beautiful family and the special relationship she had husband. Aside from being a bomb actress, wife, mother and chef, Tabitha also has great hair and rocks her natural curls and coils to perfection every chance she gets!

For the actress, her hair is where she finds freedom. She recently told Glamour magazine that she’s “completely free now.” She continued,  “Donna, as I call my hair, she’s a whole big strong Afro and she goes in different styles whenever she feels like it. And can’t nobody tell me how to wear my hair. Unless, you know, of course, because I’m an actress, if I’m developing character and a character has a certain look. But if Tabitha Brown is going to show up, honey, I’m showing up exactly as I am in my own way with no apologies. In full bloom of natural hair.” And we’re loving every part of her natural locs!

In honor of Tabitha Brown’s special day, let’s look back at five times she gave us a natural hair moment that we loved!

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1. Mercy For Animals 20th Anniversary Gala

Mercy For Animals 20th Anniversary Gala Source:Getty

In September, Tabitha Brown had her afro on full display as she attended the Mercy For Animals 20th Anniversary Gala in a colorful wrap dress. 

2. Screening Of FOX TV’s “Rosewood”

Screening Of FOX TV's "Rosewood" Source:Getty

Also that month, the actress attended a screening of FOX TV’s “Rosewood” where she rocked her hair in soft curls and a half up, half down hairstyle. 

3. Television Academy And SAG-AFTRA Host Cocktail Reception

Television Academy And SAG-AFTRA Host Cocktail Reception Source:Getty

Here Tabitha looked stunning as she wore her natural locs in a sleek high bun and was dressed to perfection in this all-black look. 

4. Top Chef Family Style

Top Chef Family Style Source:Getty

For an episode of “Top Chef Family Style,” the actress and vegan chef wore her hair parted down the middle and let her curly locs shine as she was all smiles in her bright orange dress. 

5. Black Excellence Brunch

Black Excellence Brunch Source:Getty

Here the actress was honored at the Black Excellence Brunch where she showed off her natural curls as they were pinned all to one side. She donned a flowing white dress for the occasion and was radiant as she was honored at the special event.