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PALM BEACH, FL-NOVEMBER 8: Former President Donald Trump addres

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Donald Trump is still very much a face of the Republican Party but with a new nickname Dumpty Trumpty taking hold, it appears that MAGA time is nearing a bit of a sunset. The Dumpty Trumpty tag came by way of a recent front-page cover edition of a local New York publication and, as one can imagine, the MAGA tears are definitely flowing.

Election Day is still very fresh on the minds of many as significant races hang in the balance in Georgia, Colorado, and beyond. Trump, a wildly popular figure among the so-called MAGA faction of the Republican Party, predicted a so-called “Red Wave” with seats and states flipping red from blue. While the Democratic Party, led by President Joe Biden, suffered some losses and didn’t gain as much hopeful ground, the clean sweep never happened.

The New York Post published a piece essentially stating that Trump and his time on the campaign trail sank the chances of the Red Wave due to his ongoing issues with losing the 2020 presidential election to Biden and his actions since then.

From the New York Post:

After three straight national tallies in which either he or his party or both were hammered by the national electorate, it’s time for even his stans to accept the truth: Toxic Trump is the political equivalent of a can of Raid.

What Tuesday night’s results suggest is that Trump is perhaps the most profound vote repellent in modern American history.

The surest way to lose in these midterms was to be a politician endorsed by Trump.


As it stands, Dumpty Trumpty certainly has the Twitter streets talking and there will be plenty of lengthy analyses of the 2022 midterms for years to come. For now, let’s drink some of these delicious MAGA tears down while checking out some tweets.

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