The industry can be pretty rough on the celebrities of Hollywood, resulting in public breakdowns, bouts with drug abuse and, yes, pop stars shaving their heads to the shock of many.

A move of defiance that reached its peak back in 2007 when pop icon Britney Spears went from goldilocks to Mr. Clean, many see it now happening to pop-rap superstar Doja Cat after she recently decided at random to shave both her head and eyebrows.


The “Kiss Me More” hitmaker appeared to brush off any concern that fans were showing toward her decision to go bald, joking that the “Terri Joe’s and country girls” of her fanbase got it all wrong. “I’m just fine,” she quipped, turning on her best attempt at Southern twang and adding, “I’m doing dandy.” Still, fans aren’t completely wrong in questioning her brash decision following a handful of drama the budding star found herself in recently.

Just days ago she made headlines after cursing out fans on Twitter that complained she was being a source of negativity on the platform, resulting in the star temporarily losing Reply privileges based on the crude messages she was trying to send. In one drafted post, she attempted to write a fan, “youre obessed with me you f*ckin dog find another hobby” [sic], meanwhile another message that failed to send similarly said, “find a new hobby you f*cking ghoul.”

See below for the few very explicit ones that actually did get posted to her Twitter:


Although its perfectly normal for women to defy social norms and get a buzz cut — Doja Cat’s “Best Friend” collaborator Saweetie just did it recently! — it’s not surprising that some might show concern given those wild statements seen above. Thoughts?

Check out what some are saying below about a clean cut cat — Doja Cat, that is! — and let us know what you think about the new ‘do as well:



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1. Doja Cat shaved her head bald & shaved her eyebrows & people are losing their fucking minds about it while questioning HER sanity, lol I shaved my eyebrows off every since high school, bc I was into many alternative subculture aesthetics my whole life, so did ya’ll forget people

via @TigerLilyInjun

2. Me seeing Doja cat with hair and me seeing Doja cat bald….I’m going in regardless she’s fine lol

via @Krakoan4Life

3. I get where Doja Cat is coming from. It’s a mix of the euocentric conditioning of what hair is acceptable, mixed w/ women not being “pretty” enough w/ short hair or completely bald, mixed w/ Doja’s Biracial experience & being comfy in her identity. She looks HAWT, tho! 🤩😍

via @TalkAmarachi

4. Judging Doja Cat for randomly going bald and shaving her brows at a time where almost or nearly everyone is experiencing an existential crisis is tone deaf to me. People express and cope with personal stress differently. Y’all are being very weird.

via @ehlboogie

5. I am NOT sexist, I promise, but I don’t like short or bald hair on women. Doja Cat is a sexy woman, I will never understand this trend!

via @j_ladrae

6. I’m actually loving bald Doja Cat 😭😭

via @vincsmith

7. Doja cat has no eyebrows and is bald and is still on of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen🫡

via @PanoramicSwan

8. YAAAAAAAAS SHE JOINED JA SISTA SAWEETIE!!!! @Saweetie @DojaCat I need a picture!!!! Bald Bad Bitches stick together!

via @J__Trash

9. This isn’t specific to Doja Cat going bald (because she would have eventually done it) but does anyone feel Doja is just EXTRA weird since her medical issues? Like is everything ok? Recovery and/or being isolated can mess with people. I worry about her a bit.

via @Tokyo_Gaming_

10. @DojaCat really DEVOURED the bald head look

via @wiz_thcreator