What is life without Black women? The answer is nothing. Black women give life to every atom on this planet. And while society would have us to believe otherwise, no other demographic contributes to popular culture like women with glowing melanin skin. When Black women, “Black women”, – yes, we made that a verb – magic happens. 

Style is at the forefront of that magic. Because we innovate our looks in ways that is awe-inspiring, we wanted to roundup some very special Black women we believe are sure to lead the fashionable charge in 2022. Here’s to stylish Black women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

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1. Ellie Delphine

Ellie Delphine Source:Getty

Aside from Ellie’s unbelievable shoe collection, the digital creator has been a source of fashion inspiration for over a decade. The Parisian sits comfortably at the intersection of her two roles as an influencer and stylist. From her beautifully curated Instagram feed, it’s clear that she has an eye for unordinary but gorgeous pieces. Famously known as “Slip Into Style”, which happens to be her IG handle, Ellie showcases her collection of astonishing pieces along with inspirational quotes about extending yourself grace while not taking any ish.

2. Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey Source:Getty

When one thinks of Black girl luxury, Lori Harvey’s girly-tomboy aesthetic instantly comes to mind. The It Girl has gone from walking on runways for Dolce & Gabbana to being the face of brand campaigns like Michael Kors in just a matter of years. Her magnetic aura, coupled with her flawless body, has primed her for Hollywood and beyond. No matter the occasion, elite superstar party, chilling on a yacht or bomb shelling in the boardroom, the model and entrepreneur has created a fashionable name for herself outside of her family name. 


3. Doja Cat

Doja Cat Source:Getty

The visionary that is Doja Cat reminds us that weird Black girls matter. You never know what you’re going to get from the rapper and that’s what makes her so magical. Whether her street style moments or her music videos, Doja brings the heat in a futuristic way. We need the Dojas of the world because they empower little Black girls to be innovative and explore fresh looks.

4. Chloe & Halle

Chloe & Halle Source:Getty

Beyonce’s proteges have bloomed into beautiful flowers right before our eyes. And while they have pursued separate careers, we still view them as the dope singing sisters who give us life abundantly. Together they are a movement and apart they are forces to be reckoned with on every front, including fashion. Chloe serves up sex appeal like no other and Halle gives sophistication effortlessly. The vibe is different, but the slay is still a slay.

5. Precious Lee

Precious Lee Source:Getty

Precious Lee is considered a trailblazer in the fashion world — it’s wild to think that she’s only scratched the surface of her greatness. For starters, she was the first Black plus-size model on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. She is not afraid to take risks, and with every outfit, she empowers all women to love the body you have. Not to mention, if you haven’t seen her slay a runway, go ahead and Google that now! The supermodel’s obsession with animal print, red lipstick and sensual cleavage stems from her style icons: her parents.

6. Monica

Monica Source:Getty

Before Monica walked into our lives, we didn’t know how much we needed her fly girl demeanor. Since the beginning, the songbird’s authenticity showed even in her fashion choices. If trendsetter was a person, it would be Monica Denise. Bold colors, prints, textures, and styles are this singer’s domain. No matter the era, Monica’s style evolution has always been one to replicate from her pixie cuts to her monochromatic looks to her insane arsenal of shoes. 


7. Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige Source:Getty

Mary is proof that you can continue to elevate at any age. What is Black Girl magic without Mary’s unrelenting style aesthetic across decades? It’s safe to say that the queen of Hip-Hop and R&B is the ultimate chameleon. There was also a magical unveiling of Mary when she stepped into her truth. She told Billboard about one of her biggest lessons: “learning how to love yourself even more to another level, where you don’t expect or need anybody to make you feel good about yourself.” It’s crazy how this lesson affected her style because it took her self-confidence to the next level. Mary is the reason the girls love a good thigh-high boot and a pair of trendy sunglasses.

8. Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson Source:Getty

Is it possible to be ahead of your time and before your time? If so, that’s Tessa Thompson. She has said that she loves fashion choices that are bold, fun, and interesting. Everything she dons lives up to that sentence. Tessa has been partnering with the dynamic duo, Wayman and Micah for some time and it shows because they all just get it. With each look, she uses fashion to portray yet another character. During an interview with InStyle, she said, “Fashion, she says, is an armor that allows her to simultaneously play and project.”


9. Sza

Sza Source:Getty

If you’re wondering if we are obsessed with SZA, we are. The singer’s personal style yields comfort and sexy vibes. When she first hit the scene, her signature looks almost always included an oversized tee and sneakers. Once fashion brands saw her ability to effortlessly portray a cool girl, the looks took off. Designers from LaQuan Smith to Vivienne Westwood die for an opportunity to dress the doll. She’s that girl; it’s that simple.