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It’s that time of the year when music, food, fashion, and fun collide for festival season. If you’re an avid festival-goer, there’s one thing you know for sure – festivaling (made up word but it totally makes sense) isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to be totally prepared to stroll the park or fairgrounds almost the entire day, hunt down your favorite cuisines, and jam to some good music all while staying fly and unbothered.  It’s an enjoyable yet challenging outing, but it can be conquered….that’s if you’ve got the right style items.

Made in America returns to Benjamin Franklin Parkway, this weekend, while other festivals like Rolling Loud, One Music Fest and Woodstock gear up for massive audiences well into October. We’re here to equip you with the necessary fashion kit to survive standing on your feet for long hours while shouting your favorite lyrics.

Grab your card, there’s still time to order. Here’s seven fashion items you should add to your festival checklist. Jump into them below.

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1. Comfy Stylish Shoes

Comfy Stylish Shoes Source:Dr. Martens

If you’re going to a festival to enjoy yourself, the last thing you want to be worried about are your feet. Definitely aim to wear the most comfortable shoes you own, but make it fashion though.  While sneakers are comfortable and will fit almost any look, aim to wear a more functional shoe.  A combat boot like the one pictured above will give you style, comfort, and durability.  A combat boot will not only add funk to your ensemble, it will also allow you to stomp the grounds without having to worry about getting your shoe dirty (they are super easy to clean) or other festival-goers stepping on your toes. Combat boots were made for action which makes them perfect for festivals.  

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2. Fashionable Mask

Fashionable Mask Source:Etsy

Since COVID and her sorority sister the Delta Variant are still roaming these streets, we should to continue to mask up.  So if we have to wear them, why not make it fashionable?  Get you a cute mask that matches your look and that allows you to breathe as easily as possible.  A silk mask will give you a sleek look all while feeling light on your face.

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3. Small Purse/Fanny Pack

Small Purse/Fanny Pack Source:Clare V.

You need a place to stash your cell phone, lipstick, and money – so why not conceal those important items in a cute fanny pack or small purse?  A fanny pack or a small purse will keep your load light and allow you to be free from tussling with a big bag while trying to vibe out to your jam.  Strap this convenient fashion item across your shoulder or waist and get your party on.  

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4. Light Jacket

Light Jacket Source:Shein

Just in case the wind becomes disrespectful during the festival, carry a light jacket with you.  As the sun goes down, the air may become a little cooler.  Simply unleash your jacket from around your waist, throw it on, and keep the night going.  Try wearing a neutral jacket that goes well with everything like a camouflage jacket.  A jacket like the one pictured above never fails when it comes to spicing any outfit up.  

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5. Functional Outfit

Functional Outfit Source:Shein

Whatever you choose to wear to the festival make sure it’s fashionable…but most importantly, make sure it’s comfortable.  Jeans or jean shorts can work at a festival, but if they are too snug or too heavy it can be miserable.  Try throwing on a look that is light and includes stretch.  You’ll be able to maneuver the crowds more easily, and when it’s time to run to the ladies room you won’t have any problems slipping the look off and on.

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6. Stylish Sunnies

Stylish Sunnies Source:Elisa Johnson

We know wearing a mask and glasses together causes your glasses to fog up, but who said being fly was easy?  If the sun is out, sunglasses must be worn.  Try some out-the-box sunglasses that you wouldn’t normally wear.  Festivals are a time to make fashion statements so a pair of eye-catching sunnies should absolutely be on your checklist.  

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7. Trendy Hat

Trendy Hat Source:Urban Outfitters

Don’t want to wear chic sunglasses?  No problem.  Try a trendy hat instead.  Hats are great fashion statements that have multi-functional purposes.  If they have a bib, they can block the sun.  If you don’t feel like combing your hair, they can disguise your tresses.  They can also be the key accessory that makes an outfit stand out.  For festival season, step outside your comfort zone and rock a unique hat (like the one pictured above) to add flair to your look. 

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