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March 14th marked the day we would seamlessly transition from darker days to 7pm sunsets.  Daylight savings time is one of the many indicators that the spring season is ahead of us. If you’re like me, then your winter clothes didn’t get too much action this year. With a majority of New York City shut down, there was no reason for me to experience outside. Now that NYC has opened up again and the weather is transitioning, it’s time to prepare our wardrobes for bottomless rooftop brunch season.

Transitional pieces make the blow from winter to spring a bit easier. Throwing on staple items like a blazer or ankle boots can usher you into the warmer weather. The ultimate feeling is being able to shed a few layers of clothing that no longer involves a bulky winter coat and accessories. In other words, it’s time to get spring-time fly!

If you’re looking for a few staple items that will help make your transition to the spring season seamless, we’ve got you covered. Check out the 3 must-have items to prep you for the warmer weather.

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SAMJAH IMAN Source:Nilo Burkhalter

Samjah Iman, a New Orleans-based blogger and content creator, used a classic blazer as her transitional piece. She kept it simple in a pair of black biker shorts, a crop top, and black and red Jordans. 

This outfit is perfect for transitional weather because if Samjah gets too warm, she can remove her blazer and still be dressed for the occasion. If she wanted to dress the ensemble up, she can easily throw on a pair of heels and call it a day!


TENI PASCAL Source:Tiffany TB

London-based blogger Teni Pascal shows us how necessary a trench coat is during these pesky transitional months. She is 100% ready for the spring clad in white pants, a matching crop top, yellow sandals, and a matching coat.

Trench coats are usually worn during the spring and fall seasons. The light-weight jacket offers a lining that will keep you cool, should you overheat. 


MARSHA B Source:Ambitious Shooters

Going through your seasonal clothing can be an euphoric experience. The fun lies in finding unique ways to style everyday items.  Believe it or not, one of the easiest winter to springtime garments to style is your basic white button down shirt.

I took a classic white blouse and styled it as an off-the-shoulder top. I paired it with a lilac accordion skirt. Because there are several ways to style a white button up, the options on how to wear it are endless!