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It’s always telling when people come up from under the rock of obscurity to rant about someone else’s good fortune. But for Azealia Banks, this is just her normal Tuesday.

See, it all started when news hit that Lizzo scored her first-ever number one on the Billboard charts. Of course, the Detroit native was elated, especially since ‘Truth Hurts” has been out for almost two years.

So, of course, cause that train is never late, the “212” rapper just couldn’t stop herself from using this happy moment to pop off at the mouth, calling the “Truth Hurts” hitmaker “fat,” and a “millennial mammy.”

“They are really choosing the worst of black women’s crop to advertise America as well….after beyonce became political in ways they didn’t like, the elite stopped giving her the top top spots and started cycling in these lesser than cardi b and lizzos and started giving them beyonce level accolades while being no where near the black women excellence level,” she wrote in a very long winded incoherent rant on Instagram.

(Remember: She got banned from Twitter)

When speaking directly to Lizzo’s body confidence, Banks said, “I understand the body positivity thing, but if it were that the most vulgar bits of it wouldn’t be broadcast like that. Imagine what the rest of the world thinks when they see Lizzo jumping in leotards with cellulite…no one is saying body positivity, she looks like she is making a fool of herself for a white American public. Nothing more, nothing less.”

It gets even worse.

“The fact that the public and media have been keeping this fat girl joke this long is honestly peak boredom. This song is not good, nor is the dummy fat girl spectacle live set she does. Saddest bit is that she is legit talented and truly only being allowed to shine as long as she allows herself to be this millennial mammy of sorts.”

Read the entire mess below:

It’s pretty obvious that hate Banks’ is spewing is a direct product of her own jealousy that her failing and flailing career can’t and will never reach the fever pitch that Lizzo has achieved. But that’s entirely on her. Her constant bullying of other Black women online, her violent shenanigans and her slick mouth makes her a liability in the music industry and quite honestly, for a former fan like myself, it’s a major turn off.

But this obsession with Lizzo’s weight and twerking isn’t really about a legitimate concern about the public perception of Black women or even the white gaze, because if she really cared about that, she would start with adjusting her own triffling crabs in a barrel behavior. But alas, here she is still as my dear friend George M. Johnson said, using Denny’s Wifi to write rants.

See, Banks’ real issue is that she hates Black women, most importantly fat dark Black women. For all the time she has rightfully mentioned how colorism has impeded her career, it’s hard for her wrap her head around the idea that someone like Lizzo can succeed in an industry that has slammed its doors on her. So Banks has used her own fatphobia to play these mental gymnastics about why anyone features Lizzo and if they do, it must be because she’s selling out for success.



In Banks’ twisted little mind, the idea of Lizzo twerking, wearing leotards and doing what we saw Normani do on the VMA’s stage, every time Megan Thee Stallion gets low with her knees of steel and what Beyonce does on tour is somehow a grotesque act because she isn’t a size 4 or 8.  Somehow, because of Lizzo’s weight, she isn’t allowed to be all the things that she is—sexual, naked, free and confident—which let me remind you is the exact opposite of what a mammy actually is.

And for the folks who agree with Banks, saying she “has points,” please just keep it real and admit you hate fat Black women and keep it pushing. Because whether you rock with Lizzo’s music or not (I’m meh on it), you cannot deny that Lizzo is a fresh of breath air and every time she takes the stage or stuns on the red carpet, she is inspiring other plus-sized women to live in and love their own skin. Most importantly, Lizzo is pure joy and is unapologetically big and Black, which clearly burns some of y’all up because we’ve been taught that beautiful women like Lizzo should shrink themselves, hide from the world and flat out be miserable.

Miserable like Banks, who many would argue essentially hates herself (i.e. her skin bleaching and constant white boy lust) and projects her own low self-esteem onto others who she believes shouldn’t have any, to begin with.

But none of Banks’ emotional shortcomings should have anything to do with Lizzo. And I hope that the “Truth Hurts” hitmaker sees that in this sea of fatphobia and misogynoir, she is truly loved and that we are rooting for her to succeed, and succeed on her own terms, cellulite or not. Leotard or not.

Here’s some more of that Black Twitter Lizzo love below:

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