Jodi Turner

Source: Ernesto Ruscio / Getty

We’ve been in love with Jodie Turner-Smith since we saw her in Queen & Slim. The gorgeous actress is a walking muse, and her entire existence is fly. She’s been serving looks on a gold platter at the 2022 Venice Film Festival, and we must pay homage to the richly melanated goddess.

Thanks to her creative fashion stylists, Wayman and Micah, Turner-Smith has literally been a head-turner in haute couture looks while soaking up the festivities at the film festival. She has effortlessly been emanating Grace Jones vibes in Gucci looks that belong in an art museum. Because this sister is so debonair and stylish, to say the least, it is only right we honor three of her Venice Film Festival looks below. Check it out!

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1. Pink Gucci

Pink Gucci Source:Getty

Jodie Turner-Smith is dreamy in this pink, sheer Gucci dress that screams fabulous. She paired the couture look with white, lace-up thigh-high boots and baby blue, patent leather opera-length gloves.  

2. Casablanca

Casablanca Source:Getty

We can’t tell if Turner-Smith is at the festival or fresh off the runway in this ombre, tailored Casablanca pantsuit. We love how the colors complement her flawless skin, and the Gucci tote bags, and oversized pink frames are the perfect accessories. 

3. Blue Gucci

Blue Gucci Source:Getty

Turner-Smith belongs on the cover of somebody’s magazine in this blue, fringe Gucci dress. The exaggerated shoulders glide perfectly on her long frame. And the gold earrings and slicked-down hair bring this swanky look together.