As I’ve said before and again, #BlackGirlMagic is definitely what we need to get us through these dark coronavirus crisis times. Enter: Kandi Burruss’ 5-month-old daughter, Blaze Tucker. This little chocolate drop is the cutest thing ever!

“Guess who’s 5 months old today! @blazetucker 🎉🎊🔥,” the RHOA star and music producer wrote on Instagram last week. 


Just adorable!

Now, we know that bringing little Blaze into the world wasn’t easy.

After suffering complications with her 3-year-old son, Ace, and battling fibroids and unsuccessful rounds of IVF, Kandi and her husband Todd, decided that surrogacy would be their path to having a second child together. ( Remember: Kandi has a 17-year-old daughter Riley from a previous relationship and is stepmother to Todd’s 22-year-old daughter Kaela)

Back in December, Kandi admitted that she felt judged by others for choosing this route.

“I got a little teary-eyed because there was a family member of mine, they just kind of text me when they first found out that I was thinking about a surrogate, and they were like, ‘I mean, why you wanna …have a surrogate? Don’t you wanna just carry the baby by yourself?’” she shared in a YouTube video, introducing her surrogate, Shadina Blunt, to the world.

“I replied and was like, ‘Well, I would if I could, but obviously I had issues with delivering in my last pregnancy.’”

Kandi continued that this hurt her feelings.

“She really hurt my feelings. I don’t think she meant to hurt my feelings at the time. I love her to death, so I don’t think she purposely was trying to hurt my feelings, but you got to understand, so many people just have issues with the whole idea of surrogacy.”

Well, here’s what we do understand: It doesn’t matter how you end up in this world, we’re all just happy to have you here baby Blaze and happy for you Kandi to have this blessing in your life.

So to celebrate her turning 5 months (and if you need little pick-me-up), let’s take a look at this happy, bubbly and of course, stylish, bouncing baby girl:

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1. Pool Time!

Source:Via Instagram @kandi

Blaze isn’t letting a quarantine stop her from getting her swim in. 

2. Daddy Time!

Source:Via Instagram @kandi

Both Blaze and big brother Ace love spending time with their Papa, Todd!

3. Giraffe For Days

Source:Via Instagram @kandi

Blaze is all smiles drenched head to toe in her favorite animal from the wild. 

4. Hot Mamas

Source:Via Instagram @kandi

For this #DontRushChallenge, Kandi and her crew shows that most precious accessory aren’t the bags or the shoes, but your babies. 

5. Dribble, Dribble

Source:Via Instagram @kandi

Blaze, rocking Juicy Coutre, is so adorable that she makes drooling look adorable. Oh hey, Mr. Giraffe!

6. Baby Activist

Source:Via Instagram @kandi

Blaze is more than just a pretty face, sis is a community advocate who wants you to be counted by filling our your 2020 Census form. 

7. Sibling Love!

Source:Via Instagram @kandi

Ace is such an amazing big brother! Look at that bond.

8. Grandparents Day!

Source:Via Instagram @kandi

Look at the fam hanging with Paw-Paw!

9. All-White Party

Source:Via Instagram @kandi

The Tuckers look ready for Miami in these outfits. 

10. Pool Princess

Source:Via Instagram @kandi

This time around, Ms. Blaze is protecting her head from the sun’s rays in this pink little bonnet. 

11. Throwing Shade

Source:Via Instagram @kandi

In another pool pic, sis is rocking the flyest little green sunglasses!

12. Pretty In Pink

Source:Via Instagram @kandi

Mama Bear is loving her stylish Baby Bear!

13. I’m Da Best!

Source:Via Instagram @blazetucker

My ovaries just twinged looking at this pic. Look at that little pink tulle skirt!

14. Labels, Labels, Labels

Source:Via Instagram @blazetucker

Even as a baby, Blaze is rocking the best designers in the game. Here she is in Versace. 

15. Welcome To The World Little One!

Source:Via Instagram @blazetucker

Here, the Tucker family surrounds their newest, most precious addition.