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Keri Hilson just doesn’t know when to relax. After Donald Trump was finally banned from Twitter, and multiple other social media platform, the increasingly irrelevant R&B crooner took it upon herself to defend Habanero Hitler in the name of free speech.

It didn’t go very well for her.

Before we begin, we must note that Hilson is a conspiracy theorist who has gone on the record as an anti-vaxxer and a believer in 5G towers actually causing COVID-19. So the messenger was already getting the side-eye when she took to social media  to say, “This may be funny but it’s a little dangerous too,” alongside a pic of Trump’s suspended forever Twitter account. “Take Trump out of it for a moment… a democracy must include freedom of speech. Imagine other leaders or popular figures not being able to voice their opinion if it opposes the majority of the world leaders.”

First of all, you can’t take Trump out of it, that’s the point. And the cliche rings true, the 1st Amendment doesn’t allow you to yell fire in a crowded theater if there isn’t a fire, for example. Also, there are private companies (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) with rules.

Nevertheless, she added, “Our freedom of speech is being taken from us. Slowly but surely (censorship).”

The irony here is that Hilson clearly has the freedom to offer up her headass hot takes on the Internets. Those with sense were quick to drag the singer for her latest flub of common sense, and it continues to be glorious.

Peep some of the best slander below.

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