New Orleans Pelicans v Los Angeles Lakers

Source: Katelyn Mulcahy / Getty

LeBron James is as fit an athlete basketball fans have ever witnessed, but even the King likes to eat sweets occasionally. Fans took notice of the Los Angeles Lakers superstar snacking on red licorice twists after dropping 40 points.

The Lakers hosted the New Orleans Pelicans on Tuesday (Feb. 25) and with James and fellow NBA All-Star Anthony Davis leading the squad to a 118-109 win. The pair took on the high-scoring duo of Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson, who scored 34 and 29 respectively.

After taking to the pine after his monster performance, a fan hands James a pack of Red Vines, which he casually ate as the game neared the end.  And as you’ll see later from the reactions, the Red Vines folks are loving the inadvertent endorsement of their candy, but Sour Patch Kids also made a bid to fill James’ candy-eating needs.

The moment even caused a slight debate among the Inside The NBA team from TNT after analyst Shaquille O’Neal suggested the white people refer to the candy as Red Vines while Black people call them Twizzlers. Just to be fair, they’re two different candies, as you’ll soon find out if you keep scrolling. But what’s got us having a good time with this story is the fact that no team nutritionist worth their salary would suggest candy as the proper post-game snack or meal.

The quick video of James nibbling on the Red Vines licorice twists definitely had folks chiming in with a load of comments, which we’ve collected below.

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