Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - 23/07/2021

Source: Photonews / Getty

The 2020 Olympic games have kicked off (in 2021) after being canceled and then back on due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Athletes have been on a rollercoaster ride trying to stay fit and stay ready to complete, well the time has finally come and thirteen athletes from Ohio have qualified to complete in Tokyo.

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Athletes from all over the state are competing in boxing, BMX biking, rugby, archery, volleyball, swimming, soccer, and track & field.  One time for Team U.S.A. but we gotta throw big ups to the Olympic team from Ohio!  Check them all out below.

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1. Rugby: Carlin Isles Akron

2. Boxing: Duke Ragan of Cincinnati

3. Boxing: O’shae Jones from Toledo

4. Boxing: Delante Johnson of Akron

5. Swimming: Zach Apple from Trenton

6. Swimming: Hunter Armstrong from Dover

7. Track & Field: Clayton Murphy from New Madison

8. Track & Field: Reggie Jagers III of Cleveland

9. Track & Field: Adelaide Aquilla of Westlake

10. Volleyball: Maxwell Holt of Cincinnati

11. Archery: Jacob Wukie of Fremont

12. Soccer: Rose Lavelle from Cincinnati

13. BMX Biking: Nick Bruce of Hubbard