8 Outfits That Are Perfect For A Thanksgiving Living Room Slay

Source: Courtesy of H&M

Thanksgiving may be celebrated inside the home and not at some fancy venue, but that doesn’t mean your outfit should suffer. The holidays are centered around family gatherings, gratefulness, and good times. Therefore, it’s only fitting to celebrate this Thanksgiving with appropriate fashions.

Thanksgiving fashion is about striking the perfect balance between being cute and comfortable. Most will be sitting in the kitchen or living room on this day, so while there’s no need to wear a formal gown to the turkey festivities, this occasion still calls for a certain fab.

Thanks to social media, your Thanksgiving look doesn’t just stay in your living room, it’s put on display giving you another strong reason to bring a slay.

Thanksgiving Outfit Slay

According to personal shopper Elisabeth Kassab, “you almost want to match what is on the table,” she told Glamour. “So a lot of burnt oranges, browns, reds, burgundy, beige, and tan. These colors are so cozy and warm, which is exactly how you want to feel on Thanksgiving.”

Depending on whether you’re going to your significant other’s parents’ house or your grandmother’s cozy abode, there are levels to serving on Thanksgiving. In most situations, a cute leisure outfit will do the trick, but sometimes, you must bring out the looks that will have the family talking.

So, in case you need help with what Thanksgiving outfit to wear to the living room, here are eight that will have you sitting pretty, literally. Get into them below!


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1. Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress Source:Courtesy of H&M

The sweater dress will never get old. It’s a closet staple that is perfect for a Thanksgiving serve. This look is good for a Friendsgiving event, meeting the parents of a significant other, or going to a friend’s house for dinner. Pair it with some brown thigh-high boots and a micro bag, and you’re set. 

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2. Jogger Set

Jogger Set Source:Courtesy of PrettyLittleThing

This is the perfect outfit for the Thanksgiving couch potato. If you don’t plan on leaving the house and want to have room for your stomach to expand after eating your second slice of pecan pie, this set is for you. Pair it with your favorite sneakers, some gold hoop earrings, and a nude lip. 

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3. Cutout Dress

Cutout Dress Source:Courtesy of Skims

This is your drinks after Thanksgiving dinner dress. This look works if you are attending a fancy Thanksgiving soiree and then headed out on the town afterwards. Throw a faux fur cardigan over it during the feast and then rock it as is at the bar. 

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4. Leather Pants

Leather Pants Source:Courtesy of Good American

Leather and fall go together, real bad. Throw these sassy pants on for a family Thanksgiving feast when your aim is to be effortlessly cute. Pair them with a bodysuit and boots for an elevated look or sneakers and a sweater for a casual slay. 

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5. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit Source:Courtesy of Naked Wardrobe

A jumpsuit is versatile in that it can be worn many ways. It is also a perfect Thanksgiving outfit because it screams cute and comfy. Style it with sneakers or boots and a pop red lip. 

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6. Off-the-Shoulder Sweater Dress

Off-the-Shoulder Sweater Dress Source:Courtesy of Skims

Being comfortable doesn’t always mean you have on pajamas and jogger sets. Dresses can give off a leisure vibe as well. This lounging garb is ideal for Thanksgiving as it stretches and is stylish. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your pad and want to wear something cute, cozy, and sexy, this look is for you. 

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7. Athleisure Set

Athleisure Set Source:Courtesy of PrettyLittleThing

If you’re going to granny’s house for Thanksgiving, you know she is going to put you to work. It’s probably best to leave your fancy gear at home and suit up in an athleisure look that will allow you to be agile and fashionable. 

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8. Knit Sweater Skirt Set

Knit Sweater Skirt Set Source:Courtesy of Zara

If you’re not big on joggers but still want to wear a casual set for Thanksgiving, try this knit skirt outfit. It’s easy to rock, is perfect for couch sitting, and can be worn with your favorite Ugg shoes or thigh-high boots. 

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