Power Book II: Ghost is one of the most popular shows on TV. And for good reason. Between the soap opera drama brought to life by beloved entertainers like Mary J. Blige, Method Man and Larenz Tate and the juicy storylines that follow Michael Rainey Jr. a.k.a Tariq’s rise to kingpin, we are drawn into the fashion.

Every week, we look just as forward to catching up with our favorite characters as we are watching them navigate the drug business with fierce New York swag. Set in the Big Apple, the melodramatic script is only half the allure of this beloved spinoff. Because when it comes to style, these main characters serve big energy in fly fits. From Louis Vuitton bust down to Amiri and Balenciaga drip, the Tariq St. Patrick and the Tejada family use the NYC streets as their runway.

Even their season three promo was fire.

We can’t get over Tariq’s grey wool coat in last week’s episode, and pretty much everything Monet Tejada wears. Whether she’s rocking a fabulous fur or a vintage LV shearling, Monet can do no wrong in the style department. And she keeps her kids just as fly. From Diana to Cane, and her extended son Tariq, here’s how we rank the top style stars on Power Book II: Ghost.

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1. 1. Tariq

1. Tariq Source:Starz

Michael Rainey Jr. brings big energy to ‘Power Book II: Ghost’s’ lead character Tariq St. Patrick. Tariq is an ambitious college student with a hustler mentality that fuels his desire to be an even smarter drug dealer than his late father. Tariq’s style is a standout on the show making him our No. 1 pick for the flyest of the St. Patrick and Tejada clan. Some of Tariq’s standout fits, this season, including a fur collar Amiri jacket. He also cleans up nice, like Ghost, in a power suit as he explores his internship at Weston Holdings. Further flexing why he is the most stylish character, Michael Raniey Jr. covers Cassius’ Young Icon cover.

2. 2. Monet Tejada

2. Monet Tejada Source:Starz

Monet is one bad b*tch, which is why the stern matriarch of the Tejada family claims the second spot on this list. Monet Tejada’s vibrant red hair is never out of place, her makeup is always flawless and fits are dripping with labels galore. She truly embodies ghetto fabulous. Some of her standout looks from his season include her signature door knocker earrings paired with a Chanel sweater or Louis Vuitton bust down.

3. 3. Cane Tejada

3. Cane Tejada Source:Starz

The stark black Louis Vuttion monogram jacket or the bandana Amiri joint, pick your poison. Cane Tejada is fly on-screen and in real life. Played by Woody McClain, Cane Tejada is one stylish gangster. Some of Cane’s standout looks include the LV jacket and a red, white, and black Amiri leather bomber.

4. 4. Diana Tejada

4. Diana Tejada Source:Starz

Diana is following in her mother Monet’s fashion footsteps. While she may not be able to afford textbooks to put in her Balenciaga bookbag, she is dropping lessons in style. From Balenciaga to Balmain and LV, if it’s one thing Diana is going to do, it’s come through for her family and with the fits. Some standout looks include her LV print puffer and Balenciaga print top.

5. 5. Brayden Weston

5. Brayden Weston Source:Starz

Tariq’s right-hand man Brayden Weston stepped up his style game this season on ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Also able to effortlessly transition between tailored suits and Burberry bubbles, Brayden rounds out our list with his wall STREET (see what we did there?!) steeze. Some of his standout looks include a fiery red Givenchy bomber and Amiri letterman jacket.