These 8 Fall Jackets Will Have You Covered In Style

Source: Courtesy of Windsor

Nothing says style more than modish fall jackets. When the temperature drops, the fashionistas get creative with layers, including chic jackets that add stylish finishing touches to any look. Whatever your fall go-to outfit is, a coat will take it over the top.

Fall is the perfect time for style enthusiasts to be laid back when putting looks together. Your ensemble can be simple and not require much effort if you have the right jacket to bring it out. A graphic t-shirt, jeans, and nice boots can go a long way if your outerwear is fire. Coats are the focal points of a look and staples in your closet that can serve as statement pieces that elevate your swag. Whether it’s a trench coat that pairs well with some over-the-knee boots or a classic motorcycle jacket that adds jazz to some distressed jeans, it’s all about the outerwear for this season.

Fall Jacket Trend

For this fall season, the jacket trends are classic with a vintage twist. The Y2K craze not only has influenced the clothing trends, but it’s also spilling over into the coat arena as well. The fashion world is returning to when style was rich and expressive. Puffy coats, modern bomber jackets, tweeds, and textured blazers will be in heavy rotation this season. These jackets serve dual purposes because they keep you warm, all while being fashionable and adding a pop of spunk to your apparel.

If you haven’t started coat shopping yet and need a few ideas on what coats to pair with your leather boots or sneakersmini bag, and wide-leg jeans, jump in below to discover the eight fall fashion jackets that will have you covered in style.

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1. Textured Trench Coat

Textured Trench Coat Source:Courtesy of ASOS

This season is all about the fabrics, and a textured trench coat will take your fall look from simple to jazzy.

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2. Checkered Blazer

Checkered Blazer Source:Courtesy of H&M

Blazers will always be a great fashion staple. They can be worn in a variety of ways, and they add class to your look. This season, opt for a printed blazer that will elevate any ensemble you pair it with. 

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3. Puffer Jacket

Puffer Jacket Source:Courtesy of Zara

Your fall wardrobe isn’t complete without a puffer jacket. Add a cream one to your fall collection so that you can pair it with any color. 

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4. Classic Trench Coat

Classic Trench Coat Source:Courtesy of Windsor

A classic trench coat is timeless. You can wear it in many ways and with different garbs. If you’re going to start a coat collection, the classic trench should be the first coat you cop. 

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5. Faux Fur Coat

Faux Fur Coat Source:Courtesy of Zara

One way to fashionably brave the upcoming chilly weather is by rocking a faux fur coat. This coat is another staple that can be worn with many looks, and it’s the ultimate style piece that screams luxury. 

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6. Faux Shearling Jacket

Faux Shearling Jacket Source:Courtesy of Zara

Nothing says vintage like a faux shearling jacket. This beautiful coat only needs fierce boots and jeans to make a statement.

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7. Vintage Denim Jacket

Vintage Denim Jacket Source:Courtesy of Target

A vintage denim jacket is a must-have for this season…and every season. This look screams effortless fashion and makes any outfit pop. 

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8. Leather Moto Jacket

Leather Moto Jacket Source:Courtesy of The Vault By Sacha

A motorcycle jacket is a fierce piece that will never go out of style. It pairs well with both casual and dressy looks and works great as a layering piece. 

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