Emergency response vehicle for the Cleveland Police

Source: Douglas Sacha / Getty

CBS News recently did some research, and they’ve reported that five different cities in Ohio rank among the deadliest places to live in the United States. The list was reportedly put together using 2019 crime numbers from the FBI.

From lowest to highest, the deadliest Ohio cities are:

  • #57, Toledo, with a murder rate of 12.42 per 100,000 people
  • #49, Akron, with a murder rate of 13.64
  • #19, Cincinnati, with a murder rate of 21.19
  • #10, Cleveland, with a murder rate of 24.09
  • #5, Dayton, with a murder rate of 34.18

In most cases, the crime in these cities has been on an uptick since the report initially surfaced. Experts fear that some of these numbers unfortunately may be on the rise.

Scroll down to see examples of some of the worst Ohio murderers over the last several years.

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