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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have one of the most enduring celebrity marriages and have been together as husband and wife for almost 25 years, but there have been some explosive hiccups along the way. Jada’s name was trending on Twitter over the weekend when a clip from her popular talk show displayed her sharing that she wants to learn how to love, prompting some to say that the former Fresh Prince is in relationship hell.

Jada Pinkett Smith hit the birthday milestone on September 18 and featured a number of her famous friends for a special episode of Red Table Talk with Willow Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris in honor of her 50th birthday. Arsenio Hall chimed in with a pre-recorded video asking what was on her bucket list, and Pinkett Smith answered in a way that seemingly triggered a lot of folks.

“I really want to learn how to love,” Pinkett Smith says, but it seemed to be thoughts she was still working out and somewhat clarified as the episode went on. It was clear that Pinkett Smith was in the moment of speaking from the heart and perhaps wasn’t at her clearest considering the emotional tone of the program

During the star-studded special episode, George Clooney joked with Pinkett Smith in asking her how does she put up with Smith after all these years. It appears that Pinkett Smith’s answer was taken out of context but was enough of confirmation for her critics that believe that the actress and host’s affair and unconventional approach to marriage puts Smith at an emotional disadvantage.

“I think what you really have to learn is how to have a friendship. I mean, really, how do you put up with anybody? How do you put up with yourself? Once you learn how to put up with yourself you really learn how to put up with all others,” Pinkett Smith said. “I think, for me, I had so much emotional maturity that I had to do. I really had to take the time to learn how to love myself because how we love ourselves is how we show people how to love us.”

The aforementioned Clooney, Mariah Carey, Gabrielle Union, Kerry Washington, Jimmy Kimmel, Ciara, Method Man, Angela Bassett, and more all called in to wish Pinkett Smith a happy birthday on the September 18 episode of Red Table Talk.

It isn’t clear to us if she mentioned the affair with August Alsina, but fans on Twitter seem to be pulling from that “entanglement phase” of their relationship and not focus on the fact they’ve worked it out as a couple.

Still, the facts will hardly matter to those who need something or someone to talk about. We’ve collected some of those reactions from Twitter below.

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