Yung Miami Tweet About Having A "Mental Breakdown" Worries Fans

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Caresha, aka Yung Miami going through it REAL BAD. The City Girls rapper has fans worried about her mental health after a series of cryptic tweets.

Yung Miami has been the talk of social media, specifically Black Twitter, once her romance with Diddy came into the spotlight and was later confirmed by the mogul on her Revolt podcast Caresha Please.

In a tweet’ the City Girl wrote, “I’m really having a mental breakdown right now.”

Fans began worrying after she followed that tweet up, revealing she hadn’t been getting much sleep.

“Haven’t slept in dayssssss like I’m tired af and don’t feel like doing nothing today my energy is off!,” her tweet read.

As expected, her fans are worried and are sending the young Hip-Hop star some support in the form of positive tweets.

Stop overthinking love. Keep praying and know that Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you,” one user wrote. “You got this!! Mathew chapter 6 verse 24-32, you don’t have to stress or worry. Trust in the Lord with all your heart.”

You are LOVED ,You are Worthy, Valuable, and your life has purpose. At a deep soul level Queen not just at a celebrity level!! Breatheeeeee as you need… your best days is still yet to come You will make it!!!! Queens conquer even when we think we’re about to crumble,” another fan wrote. 

Is Diddy To Blame For Yung Miami Current State?

Of course, some fans believe Yung Miami’s mental state has something to do with her “boyfriend” Diddy.

I think this thing of sharing diddy, is affecting yung miami, leave him sis, she can do better than him anyway, with someone who genuinely loves and care for her. He’s draining her emotionally,” a Tweet from another user read. 

We hope Yung Miami is okay because she even missed a recent performance. Despite her absence, the show continued with JT holding it down for the rap duo.

It sounds like Yung Miami needs to be reminded by her core friends and family she is loved and appreciated. You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

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