Listen, in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, being trapped inside because self-distancing hasn’t been easy at all!

Granted, I normally work from home so being alone is the norm, but this type of isolation is on a whole new level. Usually, I can go as I please by switching up my routine to work at Starbucks or even the Whole Foods bar, but gone are those days. No more leaving the house (outside of getting groceries), no more weekly happy hours with my girls to let loose and no more 4-day a week trips to my local yoga studio to get my Zen-on.

But this goes far beyond my frivolous complaints.

What’s happening on a global scale is extremely serious. Watching friends not be able to sleep because they’re worried about they gonna make ends meet, reading stories of people being laid off and not being able to collect unemployment and seeing the fear that this pandemic is causing does a lot on the soul. Then, of course, there are all these deaths and the concern for my parents, who due to their age, are some of the most vulnerable to this virus.

So yes, it’s hard to find some joy in this world. But be clear: It’s not impossible. During these tumultuous times, one thing that puts a smile on my face is watching Zhuri James’ YouTube Channel, “All Things Zhuri.”

Lebron and Savannah James‘ 5-year-old daughter has her own web series and she has the most infectious and adorable aura that will most definitely give you a little glee. Just take a look at all this #BlackGirlMagic:


One of my favorite videos is this one,  bout the fun natural hairstyles thanks to her beautiful mama Savannah. I adore these little space buns! Also, we see you Savannah with that braiding technique! Not everyone can achieve these lewks with long nails.



Let’s not forget this one. We see you baby yogi!



Of course, this Daddy’s girl’s Papa had to make a guest appearance:



Need more of a pick-me-up! Just scroll at all these Zhuri smiles:

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