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Here’s another reason for you to be super safe and take extra precautions this holiday season. The Columbus Fire Department is warning the public of a man that is impersonating fire fighters in order to get inside your home.

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According to, a Columbus resident, Mr. Childers, spoke of his experience. Monday morning there was a knock at his front door and the man had on a sweatshirt with the fire fighter emblem on it. He was trying to get into the house. Childers said, “He said we are in the neighborhood providing smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and we want to come in your house and do it for free.” He had just installed new detector so he declined the offer. The man left in a white truck with the fire fighter emblem on it as well.

Two more of his neighbors also reported this man approaching their homes as well. Battalion Chief Steve Martin said,”We don’t go to houses and insist that they let us in to put an alarm in there. The only time we would approach a home unscheduled is during a smoke alarm drive when we would be in a neighborhood going door-to-door, and we would be with several other firefighters and Red Cross volunteers.” Martin believes the man could have been casing the homes and that the uniform may have been stolen.

Martin said this is considered a criminal offense.

If he ends up at your door, call police and take a picture of him. For more info, click here.


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