World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship - Final Round

Source: Chris Condon / Getty

The work means nothing if there is no one to share it with in the end. Legacy is something we strive for in hopes to leave behind a fortune for our children and their families. Athletes are making sure to do just that for their children and it is the most adorable thing yet. Recently, Tiger Woods and his son Charlie Axel Woods finished seventh after a special weekend competing in Orlando, Florida during an exhibition event. This video of Tiger Woods and his 11 year old son Charlie shows just how he’s actively leaving behind an impactful impression.

From the tip of the hat to the signature swing, Charlie is following in the steps of his legendary father’s golfing career. If he keeps this up, he will surely surpass his father, racking up his own wall of awards and accolades and onto creating a legacy of his very own. The video shows that genetics are wild and creepily spot on as Tiger’s son Charlie looks like a carbon copy of the legendary pro golfer.

After videos and photos of Tiger and Charlie Woods circulated the Internet, Lebron James posted a series of photos of him and his son, Serena Williams and her daughter and Tiger Woods and Charlie with an inspiring caption, “giving everything we’ve learned over the years right back to the ones who ULTIMATELY inspires us! #LEGACY.” 

This is truly what life is about. Athletes, public figures and influencers alike are working hard to make a great living for themselves and their families, and it’s about giving back to the ones who keep us motivated. All of the material things we long for may fade but the memories made with loved ones is important. It’s even better to pass along the lessons learned and establish generational wealth and legacy for years to come. These precious moments are worth more than money. Shout out to Tiger Woods and the rest of these phenomenal athletes for sharing this motivation with their families and fans across the world. Legendary figures cultivating a lifetime of legacy to come.

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