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Lamar Odom is looking to make a comeback but not in the NBA, just in relevancy in general.

According to TMZ the former NBA champ turned Kardashian Kursed crackhead has just inked a deal with Celebrity Boxing and will make his in-ring boxing debut at the Showboat Casino this June 12th in Atlantic City. Whyyyyy?? Does he need the money? Does he need the attention? Does he need to redeem the culture after Nate Robinson took the massive “L” to Jake Paul? We have no clue.

While the fight is set to go down this coming summer, for now Lamar doesn’t have an opponent to prepare for, but CB organizer, Damon Feldman says he’s working on a “big-name celeb” to get in the ring with the NBA Champion.

But he’s not the only recovering addict to get down with Celebrity Boxing as former pop star Aaron Carter is also about to test his hand skills in the ring in a separate card. It’s starting to feel like Celebrity Boxing representatives are simply hanging around celebrity rehab centers looking for new fighters or something. Who’s next? Delonte West? Lindsay Lohan? We figure it’ll be a recovering celebrity who needs a check or something.

Will y’all be checking out Lamar Odom step into the ring come June 12th? Let us know in the comments.

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