Erica Mena's 27th Birthday Masquerade Party

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It’s definitely been a bit rocky for some time with Erica Mena and Safaree, it seems like things are getting more and more volatile. Most recently Safaree sent a message to Social Media.

I mean this from the bottom of my heart getting married was 1 of my BIGGEST mistakes and it will never happen again. I’m walking away before I End up in jail over some dumb shit. Nobody is worth my freedom!!!”


then Erica responded with..

“since you always run to social media like a little girl I might as well join in. I absolutely agree with you on this. You are the most selfish, vain and inconsiderate person. And not just with me but your only daughter!”

Chile, if only it stopped there… Erica continued with this tweet!

As a married mom of two, I definitely know how difficult it can be. I hope they work it out

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