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“If anybody leaves it’s over. It’s done.. that’s it.”

It looks like The Joe Budden Podcast will never be the same. Budden had harsh words for former co-hosts Rory and Mal in Episode 437 of the pod, which the rapper shared Wednesday (May 12). Joe called Rory and Mal’s lack of effort to build their own brands “lazy,” and said he flat-out refused to give Rory a share of The JBP.

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For many faithful listeners of the podcast, this moment was inevitable. Rory and Joe, particularly, have had some pretty intense convos during recent episodes, with Rory inviting Budden to a fistfight on more than one occasion.

“Rory’s little measly ass says ‘It’s not you I don’t trust, what if it’s wealth management?’” Budden said on the latest episode. “Excuse me? Do you hear yourself? You and your f****n’ entitled ass think that too many people’s worlds revolve around you and you are insignificant in this equation.”


Rory and Mal’s future on the show seemed to show hope just two weeks ago. After a brief stint away from the podcast, both men returned and publicly spoke about why they chose to step back. Rory said he had issues about finances that needed to be cleared up, while Mal said there was a lack of respect that made him uncomfortable remaining a part of the show.

The Joe Budden Podcast has become one of the more popular Hip-Hop pods in recent years, and following the release of today’s episode, fans took to social media to voice their opinion on Joe’s fiery tirade.

Rory and Mal have yet to publicly address the recent episode, or detail their next move. Joe said he’ll “never” open up his financial books to the two men, which pretty much sealed the deal on their business relationship. But there is sure to be more news on this split, as Joe told listeners the show will go on.

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