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Candace Owens dug deep into her shallow Black white supremacist bag when she led the chorus of conservatives complaining that Juneteenth is now an official federal holiday in the United States of America.

She may as well have cried white supremacist tears with her tweet reacting to President Joe Biden signing a bill that was nearly unanimously passed by both chambers of Congress this week.

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“Juneteenth is soooo lame,” Owens tweeted even though no one asked her opinion on the matter. “Democrats really need to stop trying to repackage segregation. I’ll be celebrating July 4th and July 4th only.”

She punctuated her tweet by writing, “I’m American,” and added an American flag emoji for good measure.

Her tweet was posted exactly three minutes after her former boss — suspected white supremacist Charlie Kirk whose Turning Points America conservative advocacy group cloaks its racism with so-called patriotism — reacted to Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday by suggesting in a tweet that statues of George Floyd have no place in America.


Minutes later, he quote tweeted Owens and exclaimed, “Candace is right!”

The Twitter exchange prompted both Owens and Kirk’s names to become top trending topics, inviting tweets that not only mocked Kirk’s flawed premise but also drew attention to the contrasts between his outsized forehead, his minuscule teeth and the wall of gums that appear to obscure them.

Besides addressing his jarring physical characteristics, critics also pointed to Kirk’s selective outrage about Juneteenth this year compared to a tweet from nearly a year ago applauding “Senate Republicans” for introducing legislation to make Juneteenth a federal holiday.

But back to Owens, who Kirk insisted “is right” for her stance on Juneteenth.

To be sure, she is — to no one’s surprise — very wrong, something that is usually the case when she chimes in on the topic of race (read: whenever she says anything at all).

Commemorating the end of slavery in America is about uniting — not segregating — the country by forcing the country to confront and hopefully reconcile with its original sin.

What Owens and her ex-boss Kirk seem to really be trying to say is that they resent anything centered on Black people in America (unless, of course, it’s in the context of being an extremely conservative Republican).

The truth of the matter is that since Donald Trump left office, Owens has been doing her damnedest to remain relevant to her deplorable following of white supremacists and similarly self-hating Black people.

Lest we forget that it was just last week when Owens lashed out at Naomi Osaka over the tennis champion’s decision to prioritize her mental health and withdraw from the French Open after saying media demands were affecting her wellness.

However, in a matter of hours, Owens quickly reversed her misguided and self-hating sentiments, largely due to the incessant Twitter dragging she received.

Could we see a similarly two-faced reversal from Owens on Juneteenth like Kirk? Judging from how her Twitter timeline shows she’s been doubling down on her anti-Juneteenth stance, chances are doubtful. Especially since this topic involves her hating on Black people, which is exactly what her white bosses pay her to do.

This is America.

Happy Juneteenth!


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