20th Anniversary Of The Texas Film Awards

Source: Gary Miller / Getty

First, it was Naomi Campbell showing us the haute hazmat couture look in the face of the ‘Rona pandemic and now it’s Erykah Badu.

Last Friday (March 13) at Austin Film Society’s 20th Annual Texas Film Awards, the Neo Soul songstress may not have been practicing social distancing, but she was doing her best to protect herself from the coronavirus (COVID-19) with this serious lewk.

SOCIAL DISTANCING COUTURE by – E.Badu,” the Grammy winner wrote on Instagram as she posted a pic of her Contangian ensemble. 


According to Page Six, the 49-year-old was first spotted at the Austin Airport in her Louis Vuitton logo and motifs spray-painted suit.



Badu was in Texas to pick up the Soundtrack Award during the Austin Film Society’s 20th Annual Texas Film Awards. As she accepted her award, she told indie film actress Parker Posey that she wanted to work with her on-screen. 

“I’ve always wanted to do something with you. Right now my team is going to come around and pass out non-disclosure forms because I’m going to share an idea. Parker, I think we should do the new Cheech and Chong movie — me and you,” she said.

20th Anniversary Of The Texas Film Awards

Source: Gary Miller / Getty

We all know folks are serious about fighting off the virus. Last week supermodel Naomi Campbell made headlines for being super extra—cautious—in the airport.

Campbell captioned her photos with “safety first next level” rocking a white suit and matching Away suitcase.

Stay safe out there y’all!


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