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The entitled and caucasified mind of a Karen must be a strange and wonderful place—so much so that white women, who have enjoyed generations of perceived innocence and harmlessness, are having a tough time adjusting to a world where their white nonsense is no longer tolerated and is instead recorded and posted to social media for the world to see and shame them for their behavior.

Also, Black people are not allowing themselves to be abused by these pale wild animals in their natural habitats of privilege and completion protection.

In a video posted on Reddit on Sunday, one woman of the wild and washcloth-less persuasion can be seen screeching at two Black men on the subway for something apparently having to do with them existing in close proximity to her.  Maybe the woman was afraid she was going to catch some kind of negro sickness that would have her craving various spices in her food, uncontrollably clapping on the two and four and finally coming under the realization that skipping leg day is for workouts, not showers.

Either way, Subway Susan, aka Trainwreck Trish, aka Railroad Roseanne, appeared to be very upset and can be heard calling the pair of Black men a “piece of s**t” and “garbage” just before prying her pasty white self out of her seat to assault one of them.

According to the Daily Dot, Pale Passenger Patty actually hit the first Black man in the face with her iPad, which resulted in him hitting her back in the face and then exiting the subway car as she proceeds to hit him again repeatedly. (Black people just aren’t safe as long as these violent thugs are allowed to roam free.)

The other Black man followed his friend out of the subway car, but he couldn’t get out before the woman started to hit him in the face with her iPad and then, as far as I can tell, attempted to rob him by snatching his backpack. The man snatched his property back from her, but since this Karen was especially feral and unwilling to end her attack, she grabbed it again and spilled the food inside all over the subway car.

After finally getting his bag back, the attacker and attempted thief, who is apparently confused about how playing the victim even works, erroneously claimed he “got in her face” before, once again,  calling him a “piece of s**t.”

After that came the glorious moment where her second victim opened his bottle of soda and sprayed it all over the dried-up mayonnaise hive that is her face.

I mean, seriously—how hard is it to just leave Black people alone?


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