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Chloe Bailey stopped by Charmalagne Tha God’s new talk show, ‘Tha God’s Honest Truth,’ where she addressed the infamous now-deleted social media lollipop video where she thanked her fans for supporting her throughout her career. During the sit-down interview, Charmalagne asked the 23-year-old singer if she’s affected by social media’s reactions to her sexy posts, saying, “the reactions to your posts, like your lollipop video which you deleted, do they affect you?”

Chloe laughed at the question at first before replying, “you know, honestly in the beginning it didn’t affect me. I’m human. Of course, it affects me sometimes. But the reason why I deleted it, wasn’t because of what people were saying. It was just because didn’t want people just going to my page and just seeing that. Social media is just whatever. I’m 23, I’m a grown woman. And I think it’s so cool how we can find ourselves. And I’m finding myself right now. And figuring out what serves me best. I’m just doing it under a microscope while all of you all get to do it without.”

Check out the interview clip below.

Chloe originally received mixed reactions to the sexy social media post where she wore revealing lingerie, licked on a lollipop, and thanked her followers for supporting her thus far in her career. “To my four million followers, and counting, my candy kisses are my clovers,” the R&B songstress said in the 19-second clip. “Thank you all so much for loving me. And I love you right on back. There’s a lot more to come.”

Some fans loved the video, appreciated the singer’s expression of her sexuality, and took to Twitter to share their words of support. “When chloe bailey is trending because she’s hot and confident and that makes ya’ll uncomfortable,” one fan tweeted. 

While others thought the video was a bit too much for social media, tweeting, “Chloe Bailey is young, trying to find herself and explore her sexual identity. As cringe as that video was, ima let her rock.”

One thing’s for sure, we’re loving Chloe’s unshakable confidence!

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