Source: Courtesy of D’iyanu / Courtesy of D’iyanu

Calling all families, couples, and singles! If you’re a fashion enthusiast that enjoys matching outfits with your loved ones, or you’re a single that has an appreciation for contemporary African clothing, you’ll want to keep reading.

D’iyanu is a fashion brand that fuses traditional African prints with stylish, modern silhouettes. This brand has something for everyone, from bold colors and fun prints to gorgeous gowns and jogger sets. 


Source: Courtesy of D’iyanu / Courtesy of D’iyanuThe concept of couples and families in matching clothing has always appealed to me. If you’re like me and haven’t made it to that stage of life yet, know that you’ll be as fly standing as a solo in their eye-catching designs.

While perusing the brand’s website, I came across tons of pieces that would love to be part of my wardrobe. I also noticed key things that made me want to bookmark the brand and add a few items to my cart. First of all, D’iyanu has sizing that runs from XS to 3XL. Secondly, they carry a wide range of styles that speak to your various fashion moods. From the African Print Zip-Up Jogger set to the Keke African Print Jacket, I was overwhelmed with fun options to add to my spring wardrobe. After the brand’s publicist suggested I pick one item to try for myself, I decided to go with the Kahwia African Print Knit Skirt. 

Marsha b in D’iyanu

Source: Ambitious Shooters / Ambitious Shooters

This is one sexy skirt! The fabric is so soft and allows for a lot of stretch. My general rule is that if a brand starts its sizing at an XS, I default to a medium. The fit was perfect, and the stretch hugged me in all the right places. I also really loved the high slit. It showed the perfect amount of thigh meat without being too revealing.

Marsha b in D’iyanu

Source: Ambitious Shooters / Ambitious Shooters

The D’iyanu just got a new customer! Judging from this product, I can tell the brand uses quality fabrics, and they take the art of tailoring and sewing seriously. The brand is currently offering a sale that you should probably take advantage of – I know I will be!

What do you think? Do you love the designs by D’iyanu?


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