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If you are Black you know you’ve heard these sayings at some point in time throughout your life. Whether you’re out and about amongst friends or getting a bit of scolding from mom, Black folks are known for shouting, yelling, and saying some of the best proverbs, slang, and terms of endearment known to man and some of those famous sayings taught us how to navigate throughout life. Some even helped us to stay out of trouble. Here are a few famous Black people sayings that you may or may not know.


You better know that schoolwork the same way you know them songs”- It was your mom or grandma’s way of saying to keep studying your schoolwork the same way you would memorize a song, albeit it in a much stricter tone.

“You make your bed hard, you gotta lay it” –  This one is an ultimate throwback. We always have that one family member who just can’t stay out of trouble. The old-timers used to take that individual aside and share this gem of wisdom with them, which basically means if you make your life difficult you’re going to have to deal with the consequences.

“Blessed and highly favored” – a positive affirmative that black folks use to say that they have been blessed throughout life. If you grew up in the church this one will ring so many bells.

“It takes a strong woman to fill that cup” – Another throwback among the older matriarchs in the family. This is a phrase that our grandmother and great aunties would use to describe a woman who has been through her fair share of life’s ups and downs and we know many of them in the family.

“Go sit down somewhere” –  If you were doing too much playing or getting in trouble consistently, your mom or dad probably shouted this out at you, and if you had any sense you would sit down quick if you wanted to avoid that whipping.

“We family” – You probably heard this one if you were visiting extended family, but no matter if they were your cousin’s cousin, your mom’s best friend, or your great uncle, someone always made you feel like family even if you weren’t related by blood.

“You better praise him!” –  Another proverb you would’ve probably heard growing up if you were raised by God-fearing parents or grandparents. This one was always a reminder to praise the lord and hold on to his powerful hand.


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