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It is NO secret that the public feud between comedians Mo’Nique and D.L. Hughley is beyond nasty and messy. In case you missed it, it all started weeks ago, when the pair had a dispute over who was contractually the headliner of a show in Detroit.

What started as a simple dispute or miscommunication ballooned into an all-out beef, with Mo’Nique dealing a lot of low blows. Perhaps the lowest of blows came when Mo started bringing D.L.’s family into it. Specifically, she called out D.L. for allegedly not providing support to his youngest daughter when she was sexually assaulted because he knew her assailant.

That prompted several clap backs from D.L., his older daughter, and even Mo’s own sister, Millicent Imes. And rightfully so.

Okay, noted!

Now, it appears that Mo’Nique is FINALLY getting the message that it is not worth all the madness. Last night (June 18), Mo took the stage at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts in Raleigh and issued a public apology to D.L.’s family.

“I’d like to consider myself a woman of honor. So I’m about to do something right now publicly that I did publicly. And when I f*ck something up, I gotta fix it up. So I’m gon’ take care of that right now before I go any motherf*cking further. To D.L. Hughley’s family, I wanna publicly apologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings. I want to publicly apologize to his wife, his babies if I hurt their feelings because that was never my god d*mn intention.”

Note that we said she apologized to D.L.’s family, not D.L. himself. If you are expecting that… don’t hold your breath. Or, as Mo’Nique puts it:

“Oh but that n*gga D.L., I meant every mutherf*cking thing I said.”

Well…alrighty then.

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