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Tristan “Mack” Wilds is no stranger to fashion and it looks like he’s passing the style gene on to his baby girl in the latest exclusive, just in time for Father’s Day. In a series of photos and an exclusive interview, the new papa revealed his latest masterpiece: his 5-month-old daughter, Tristyn, whom he shares with his longtime love, Christina Hammond.

The stylish couple met when Wilds got his first big break on HBO’s iconic series, “The Wire”. Fast forward fifteen years later and the two have started a family together, welcoming their first child after Hammond reportedly suffered a miscarriage.

We have to say that fatherhood looks good on Wilds, as the 30-year-old actor and singer traded in his usual New York inspired threads for a more sleek and swagged-out look to compliment his girlfriend’s swanky style and his daughter’s budding fashion steez.

Donned in all-black everything, the “Tales” actor opened up to about the joys of being a dad and how special it is to raise a girl. “There’s a certain tenderness when you’re raising a girl,” he says. “You still have to be tough, but ultimately, when you’re raising a girl, you’re raising the closest thing that we have to God.”

Wilds also gushed to about his relationship with Hammond, who complimented her new family’s all-black look in a sleek blouse and matching pant set. “Everybody says their woman is their rib,” Wilds explained. “But she’s my backbone. In this business, it’s like, if you don’t have a backbone, you’re a gutted fish.”

And it appears that the feelings are mutual as Hammond says she feels fortunate for the relationship she and Wilds have and also for the bond that he’s naturally formed with their daughter. She told, “I’m a daddy’s girl, so I’m blessed that she’s able to have the experience of such a good father, because there’s nothing like it. I know that he has her back 1,000 percent.”

Congratulations to the couple on their adorable baby girl!

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