Victoria Richards

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Actress Victoria Richards dazzles as the quirky, fun, and energetic character “Treasure” on Issa Rae’s new buzzing comedy series Rap Sh!t. It took years of acting class, a lengthy hiatus, and a ton of confidence for Richards to get to this point. In fact, the rising star was shocked when she got the call to be on the show. “I felt like it was such a long shot,” Richards told HelloBeautiful while chatting over Zoom. “I was like, I’m probably not gonna get this, so I might as well just go for it.” Richards’ unwavering determination is what undoubtedly got her to Hollywood as a young child.

At eight years old, the passionate actress begged her mother to join an acting program looking for the next Disney star. After a bit of hesitation, Richards’ mom obliged, and just like that, she landed a spot in the class. Before you know it, the youngster was in Hollywood auditioning.

“I was actually signed to an agency,” she recalled of her child acting days. “We took pictures. I was doing these little commercials and some background stuff with a little bit of lines, but it was a short-lived career.”

Juggling Richards’s schooling and her busy acting career became a challenge for her parents to balance, given their demanding work schedules. So, she put her acting dreams on hold for years until the COVID-19 lockdown period forced her to reevaluate.

“I thought to myself this gonna be a perfect time to transition back in,” the actress said.

Playing a Sex Worker on Rap Sh!t

Victoria Richards

Source: Rayberryphotography / Rayberryphotography

Now, Richards plays Treasure on Rap Sh!t, a sex worker who grinds on the streets of Miami with her manager Chastity, played by Bad Girls Club alum Jonica “Blu” Booth. Society tends to look down on the sex industry, but Treasures’ cute lisp and bubbly and charismatic demeanor shines a humanizing light on the shadowy field. As Treasure and her cohorts hustle to survive in Vice City, viewers get a glimpse of sex workers’ real-life struggles in the industry.

“We have to get personal to humanize people sometimes. We got to see those other sides,” she said, empathizing with the sex work sector. “For example, with celebrities, you’ll see them on TV and kind of idolize them or think of them in a certain way, but when you meet them in person, you realize they burp, scratch their head, and do everything just like you. We’re all just humans working in our industry and using our gifts to support ourselves.”

Onset, filming for the show can take up to 16 hours some days, but in that time, Richards says she’s built a dynamic friendship with all of the cast and crew, and according to the star, there’s “gratitude”  flowing everywhere. 

“We literally all just want to make Issa proud,” she said with a sweet smile. “It’s a blessing because it can take people years to get a part like this. I’m thankful to be able to work next to Issa and all of the talented actors there.”


Embracing the makeup-free movement

Outside of acting, Richards lives for a good skincare routine, and she’s a proud member of the makeup-free movement, a rising trend that encourages women to embrace their natural beauty.

“I love it because I’ve never been able to do makeup,” she chuckled. “I was attempting to follow little YouTube videos, but I wasn’t looking like how they look in the videos. So, I was like, yeah, this ain’t for me.” When Richard does opt for a quick beat, the star keeps her makeup routine minimal, using a good lip liner, blush, and a smokey eye, three beauty looks she picked up while getting her glam done on set.

Foundation can easily irritate Richards’ sensitive skin. But she’s got a secret weapon to keep her pores clear and clog-free. “A good cleanser,” she says.

“I change my cleanser with the seasons because the weather outside affects your skin, so when it’s hot outside, you have to use a different cleanser than if it is cold outside. In the winter, I’ll use more of an oil-based cleanser; I think it’s called Origins. I also use a rose toner from Just Fresh. It has rose petals in it, and it’s vegan. It smells so good.”

As for moisturizer, Shea Butter reigns supreme for Richards. “I’ve been moisturizing my face with shea butter the entire year,” she gushed. “It just locks in the moisture on your skin. When I wake up, I already have a dewy look from just putting on shea butter at night.”

Great skin starts from within

Victoria Richards

Source: Rayberryphotography / Rayberryphotography

As for her future plans, Richards said she hopes to break into the beauty world with her own skincare line, and judging by our interview, it sounds like that dream may be coming to fruition sooner than later. 

“I have so many ideas. But I’m doing my research right now,” the star said with excitement. “I’m trying to revolutionize skincare because it starts from within. It’s nutrition, it’s spiritual, it’s mental– all of that. So I’m trying to put all those things together to help people overall elevate their lifestyle.”


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