Lee County Fair in Opelika, Alabama

Source: Facebook/Lee County Fair

Police in Opelika, Alabama, are looking to ensure their city doesn’t become the next Buffalo, New York, as they are investigating a social media post threatening to kill Black people at an event next month at the Lee County Fair.

According to, the Opelika Police Department said Tuesday that it was informed about the Facebook post in which someone said he and his friends “are coming to Opelika Alabama fair to kill every NEGRO that we lay eye contact on so be prepared. WHITE POWER.”

It’s funny how Black people can be so frustrated and have so much resentment for white America but we’re never out here threatening to kill white people randomly and en masse. One can only wonder how it is that people who represent roughly 13% of the population cause these violent thugs so much stress they feel the need to exterminate us on sight. 

Anyway, here’s more on the case of the white supremacist Facebook fingers from

Opelika police did not share the post or the purported Facebook user’s name as to not “give this individual the attention they are clearly seeking.”

The purported user’s profile included the Confederate battle flag and twice said they were going to attend the Lee County Fair next month from Oct. 4 to Oct. 8.

“Based on the posted threats, OPD will provide additional officers for security to ensure the safety of fair attendees,” police said.

Not giving the poster the attention they seek is all well and good so long as he’s treated like someone who’s seeking more than just attention. Part of the reason Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron was able to carry out his heinous crime against Black people who had committed the offense of simply existing was because his social media activity went largely ignored until it was too late.

This instance is far from the first time racists have expressed their fantasies about Black death on social media.

Earlier this year, a police officer in Georgia who was busted for making a crass and callous comment online about Ahmaud Arbery‘s tragic killing was allowed to resign before facing any real discipline for displaying behavior that suggests he has an implicit bias against Black people.

Houston County Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Urhahn, quit his job just about one week after being suspended for making a derogatory remark on Facebook about Ahmaud Arbery, who a court of law determined was murdered by three white vigilantes.

Urhahn criminalized Arbery — who was unarmed and racially and falsely profiled as a burglar when he was fatally lynched in broad daylight by father and son Gregory and Travis McMichael and their neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan —  in his Facebook comment and suggested he deserved to be killed.

“That criminal arbery still got the death penalty though,” Urhahn wrote before deleting it.

Never forget.


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