Singer Ted Nugent performs during a 2024 election campaign rally held by former US President Donald Trump in Waco, Texas, on March 25, 2023. | Source: SUZANNE CORDEIRO / Getty

It’s wild that anything coming out of right-wing America still surprises me, but I must admit I didn’t have Krying Killer Kyle Rittenhouse and racist Republican recording artist Ted Nugent becoming the Bert and Ernie of MAGA Bigot Sesame Street was not on my 2023 bingo card.

To be fair, I had completely forgotten that Nugent was still alive. I legitimately thought he died and was cremated so Kid Rock could rise from the ashes—but, apparently, that’s not the case.

Anyway, despite the fact that it’s been nearly eight years since former President Barack Obama was America’s commander-in-chief, it appears that the 44th POTUS is still occupying the Oval Office in Nugent’s head rent-free.

During an appearance on Real America’s Voice with Kyle Rittenhouse, Nugent appeared to trigger himself by bringing Obama up in a conversation that absolutely had nothing to do with him. The dynamic duo of unmitigated Caucasian idiocracy was discussing the recent indictment of Donald Trump, which Rittenhouse called a “political persecution” that he can “relate” to because he sees himself as a persecuted victim after being the only Krazed Kenosha Killer to take lives during civil unrest. (I’m pretty sure Rittenhouse can also relate to Trump because Trump once bragged that he could shoot someone and get away with it, but whatever.)

This white tears-heavy discussion about Trump, somehow, presented Nugent with the perfect opportunity to go off on a racist tangent about Barack, during which he implied that his wife, former First Lady Michelle Obama, is actually a man and the Obama children are actually fake Obama children—all while erroneously claiming that Barack Obama “literally reignited racism in America.” 

“I went through this anti-justice system at the hands of Barack Obama…Barack Obama, you punk, you horrible, anti-American, communist, Islamic terrorist,” Nugent said. “Boy, that’s going to go in the media. That’s what he was! He literally reignited racism in America. Thanks a lot, Barack and your buddy Mike and your two fake daughters.”

Whew—there’s a lot to unpack in such a brief display of conservative bigotry and ignorance.

First, there’s the obvious fact that just after calling Barack, who is not Muslim, an “Islamic terrorist” just because he’s Black, Nugent accused Obama of reigniting racism. (Not that there’s anything wrong with being Muslim unless you ask a racist bigot.) And, of course, the fact that he continued the racist trope of characterizing Black women as masculine through his remark bout Michelle, who is, in fact, not a man named “Mike.”

Nugent, like many conservatives, can’t even accuse someone of being racist without being racist.

But more to the point—Obama “reignited racism in America” how? By existing as a non-white president?

Because when you really look at Obama’s eight-year presidency, he wasn’t really all that radical in terms of policy or rhetoric. He didn’t generalize white people. He wasn’t a loud and proud Black Lives Matter advocate. He certainly acknowledged racism in America, but he wasn’t, by any measure, an extremist, or even someone who clung to what white conservatives refer to as “identity politics.” For the most part, all he did was be president while Black and that is what “reignited racism.” (Actually, “reignited” isn’t even the right word. That’s like saying Black wedding receptions “reignited” the Electric Slide.)

Did Obama “reignite” Nugent into calling him a “chimpanzee” and “subhuman mongrel?” When Nugent said at a Glenn Beck rally in 2010, “There’s a lot of white people here—I like that,” was that Obama’s fault for summoning Nugent’s racism? 

One could literally fill a Ted Nugent album with examples of Nugent’s racism, misogyny, general bigotry and ignorance—but, apparently, that was all caused by the Black guy with the Black family who used to live at the White House.

Thanks, Obama. 


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