Temporary channels opened to assist Baltimore bridge cleanup

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Whoever is running the Michigan GOP’s X account appears to have stumbled on to a new term to describe what fragile white conservatives perceive as anti-white racism, and, as a bonus, the term doubles as an anti-Black racist slur. It’s actually low-key impressive linguistically speaking.

“Another shining example of ‘colored communism’ in America,” Michigan GOP captioned a retweet of a post by right-wing collective Libs of TikTok, which was posted in response to Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott’s response to racist nonsense leveled at him by conservatives who erroneously blamed the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge on DEI programs.

“We know what they want to say, but they don’t have the courage to say the N-word,” Scott told MSNBC host Joy Reid during an appearance on The ReidOut last week. “And the fact that I don’t believe in their untruthful and wrong ideology — and I am very proud of my heritage and who I am and where I come from — scares them.”

“Because me being at my position means that their way of thinking, their way of life of being comfortable while everyone else suffers, is going to be at risk — and they should be afraid because that’s my purpose in life,” he continued.

Now, Scott was responding to racists who, without a shred of evidence, claimed diversity initiatives were to blame for the bridge’s collapse, and even called Scott a “DEI Mayor,” even though he is an elected official who won 70% of the vote in a city that is more than 60% Black, and even though seven out of the city’s last eight mayors have also been Black. 

White conservatives were essentially replacing the N-word with “DEI,” and all Scott did was address it to put racists on notice. Ironically, Libs of TikTok heard the mayor specifically tell “racists” that they “should be afraid,” and, in response, the conservative group posted, “Nothing to see here…just the Mayor of Baltimore threatening White people.”

Even more ironically, the Michigan GOP co-signed the post and added a caption referring to Black people as “colored,” as if the Republican group was trying to be retro-racist instead of adopting this newfangled “DEI” racial slur. (Also, at this point, I’m convinced conservatives have no earthly idea what communism actually is the way they apply it randomly to literally everything that doesn’t align with them ideologically.)

So, basically, Mayor Scott called out anti-Black racists, Libs of TikTok perceived it as a call out to all white people, and the Michigan GOP responded to the misinterpretation by posting more anti-Black racism. (It’s like Inception, but with levels inside levels of white fragility and racial resentment.)

It’s Caucasian conservative communism, I tell ya!


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